Why Washington Should be Ranked Before FSU

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In an enthusiastic declaration, Boo Corrigan conveyed Washington’s imminent claim to the No. 4 spot, currently held by Florida State. Washington subsequently emerged triumphant in a closely contested match against No. 16 Utah, securing nine more first downs and an additional 75 yards of offense. Meanwhile, Florida State secured a victory over Miami, though the win carried diminished significance as Miami lacked a ranking. Despite this, Florida State experienced one of its least productive offensive performances in the past two years, with Miami actually outgaining the Seminoles.

Analysis: Instant impressions from UW's thrilling win over Oregon | The  Seattle Times

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Notwithstanding these outcomes, the rankings endure with Florida State at No. 4 and Washington at No. 5. The College Football Playoff committee demonstrated a willingness to make adjustments, as seen in Georgia surpassing Ohio State for the top spot, despite Ohio State delivering one of its best performances of the year against Michigan State. Georgia garnered recognition for defeating a top-20 opponent in Ole Miss.

Curiously, ESPN’s Strength of Record places Georgia at No. 7 and Washington at No. 2. Regarding style points, both Ohio State and Florida State have not been overwhelmingly dominant. Washington faced four top 25% FPI-ranked teams, winning all four by an average of 7 points. Ohio State played only two such games, with wins by 3 points and 8 points. The comparison of five undefeated teams with only one common opponent presents a challenging task, necessitating delicate distinctions. Questions arise about the criteria the committee employs to designate Washington unequivocally as the No. 5 team in this group.

No. 10 Dawgs Open 2023 Season Vs. Boise State - University of Washington  Athletics

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Fortunately for the Huskies, they face No. 11 Oregon State this week, providing an opportunity to enhance their standing, while Florida State takes on North Alabama. If both teams emerge victorious and Washington maintains its position, speculation may arise about a conspiracy against the Pac-12, prompting suggestions that Washington should consider moving to the Big Ten.

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