Deshaun Watson is Out for the Season

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Deshaun Watson’s football season has taken an unexpected turn, as the Cleveland Browns announced on Wednesday that the quarterback will undergo surgery for a broken bone in his throwing shoulder. The injury occurred in the first half of Sunday’s victorious game against the Baltimore Ravens, resulting in a displaced fracture in Watson’s right glenoid.

Deshaun Watson: Cleveland Browns quarterback to undergo season-ending surgery for shoulder injury | CNN

Photo Cred: CNN

Watson told reporters, “I’m still processing all the information I’ve received since last night. It’s tough. I felt like we were turning a corner to make a real run, and I still believe we will with the guys in this locker room. I just wanted to be physically on the field with those guys.”

Scheduled for surgery next week, Watson remains positive about his recovery, stating, “I’m very confident in the doctors performing the surgery, my rehab, and my determination to come back strong.”

The team expects Watson to return for the start of the 2024 season. This unfortunate injury is a significant setback for the 6-3 Browns, who currently holds the No. 6 spot in the AFC. Watson’s outstanding performance in the recent victory over the Ravens, particularly in the second half, showcased his resilience. He completed 14 of 14 passes with a touchdown, no turnovers, and an impressive 130.4 passer rating despite the injury.

This performance hinted at a potential turning point in Watson’s adaptation to Kevin Stefanski’s scheme, overcoming previous challenges with shoulder injuries and subpar quarterback play that hindered the Browns’ offensive momentum. Unfortunately, Watson’s season concludes after Week 10. Watson was just beginning to regain his form.

Browns QB Deshaun Watson sidelined by season-ending shoulder surgery after injury Sunday against the Ravens

Photo Cred: USA Today

Browns General Manager Andrew Berry expressed disappointment, saying, “We are very disappointed and devastated for Deshaun, especially given all that he has battled and gone through medically this season, especially in light of how well he’s played since his most recent injury.”

This marks the second season in a row where the highly-paid quarterback will only have started six games for Cleveland, following a huge trade with the Houston Texans. Last season saw Watson suspended for the initial 11 games, returning with some rust. This year, injuries kept him on the sidelines, as he missed two games earlier in the season. Watson endured another setback after only five pass attempts in Week 7. Despite the challenges, Watson returned in Week 9, playing through injury in Week 10 before the unfortunate end to his season.

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