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The Business of Force Majeure

Ross D. Franklin, Associated Press
During difficult times, people and businesses often look for ways to cut costs and save money.  Others look for ways, sometimes simultaneously, to fill in space with dollars.  The lessons of the past teach that business relationships should be cherished and long-term.  However, during a pandemic, there seems to be a tendency to move to short-term expediency. 

Best returning linebackers in the ACC

Although the ACC had a down year last year, it’s placed itself as a football factor since conference realignment. Teams such as Clemson and Louisville became offensive powers over the years. But, the flip side is, the ACC is one of the best defensive conferences of the 2010s. Now in...

Sports Business Finding Ways to Advertise

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (John Woike/Samara Media via AP)
Where fans will be absent or at least diminished from stadiums, ballparks, grandstands, and arenas, sports franchises have looked for new ways to increase revenue.  Opportunities are actually expanding during a time of contraction. As sports teams and athletes navigate the start, return, and hopeful continuance of their seasons, there will be a drive...

The ACC’s best running backs

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) remains one of the best conferences in college football for running backs. Over the years, it’s been home to some of the best offensive skill players. In recent years, the ACC has provided multiple running backs to the NFL. Gio Bernard, Dalvin Cook and Devonta Freeman are recent ACC...

Consumer Trends have Changed Dealmaking

Samsung Sero TVs are on display at the Samsung booth during the CES tech show, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020, in Las Vegas. The TVs can rotate to play vertically or horizontally. (AP Photo/John Locher)
There are three trends in consumption and dealmaking today.  1. Diversification of platform and content More and more people seem to be watching television on social media than on television.  More and more people seem to be getting their information on podcasts than talk radio.  More and more people seem to...

Social Media Speak

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)
We live in a world where most of our communication comes through some medium.  It may be a platform, application, or some electronic means to communicate.  History shows that before platforms, applications, and electronic means, paper served as the major medium for communication.  Before that, stories and information were passed down from person to person and people...

Platforms as the Distributor of Choice

Serie A soccer (Marco Alpozzi/LaPresse via AP)
The world is in a time where controlling content and distribution is essential to success and having your message heard.  Social media is one avenue and is used by many to get messages out and to communicate with family, friends, fans, and followers.  Websites arrived before social media and communication applications.  Before social media, people wrote these...

Jamon Brown and Reggie Bonnafon Seeks to Make an Impact

In the history of America, black athletes protesting and raising awareness of social injustice run deeps. From Ali to Colin Kaepernick, sports athletes have always been at the forefront of social change in the country. Amid the tragedy of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor deaths, two former UofL football players took to the streets of Louisville,...

How Entertainment and Sports Can Heal America

Abraham Lincoln, by Jean Louis Gerome, 1908
A trying time indeed that the world and America finds itself.  It is the dichotomy of two extremes.  Stay-at-home, curfews, public protest, and destruction.  However, entertainment and sports in America have always been the great equalizer and peace-keeping force.  Some major sports leagues have restarted.  Others have set dates, schedules, and tournaments.  While others...

Top 5 quarterbacks of the 2020 season

As the 2020 college football season slowly approaches, quarterbacks stake their claims as the ones to look out for this season. This quarterback squad is one of the deepest. From National Championship MVP, to graduate transfers and savvy veterans, the 2020 class hopes to carry their teams to the College Football Playoffs.