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Top 5 ACC NFL Prospects

The 2021 NFL draft is on the horizon. The ACC is always a breeding ground for NFL talent. These players have shown on tape that they set themselves apart, Scouting Combine or not. Clemson Quarterback- Trevor LawrenceThere is no doubt Trevor Lawrence is the best overall prospect in the 2021 draft. Lawrence is the...

Monetizable Moments in Entertainment, Media, and Sports

(Solar Bankers via AP Images). Image courtesy of the Associated Press
Two three letter acronyms, NIL and NFT, seem to be all the fun these days when it comes to the potential for athlete monetization in college sports.  NIL standing for name, image, and likeness, and NFT standing for non-fungible token in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space now crossing over into the entertainment, media, and sports industries as...

Clubhouse vs. Spotify: What is Live Audio?

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)
Clubhouse as an application and community has been pursued as a popular activity and place of discussion possibly as much as non-fungible tokens (NFT) lately.  Clubhouse is an invite-only phone application that allows people to join as listeners, speakers (if invited), or to host their own “rooms”.  It is like a live conference platform. 

What are NFTs?

NFT/image courtesy of the Associated Press (Marko Stanojevic/Associated Press)
An “NFT” is a non-fungible token (NFT) that is backed by blockchain technology to confirm its source and authenticity.  An NFT is a digital version of traditionally copyrightable material.  However, the artwork, audio, video, video game, or creative work is owned and controlled by the person(s)/entity that holds the digital receipt (e.g., the proof of ownership).  Imagine...

Endeavor Showcases the New Entertainment Powerhouse Model

Imagine courtesy of Endeavor and the Associated Press.
Prior to the Paramount decrees, studios dominated the Hollywood industry in talent management through contracts, production, distribution, and exhibition endeavors.  Today, the newer model of studio and talent relationship and programming development is much more about long-term goals and partnerships.  However, in both instances, business integration was a part the plan to control more of the assembly...

Overtime meet Overwatch

Images courtesy of USA Today, Blizzard Entertainment, and Overtime Elite (OTE)
Overwatch is an online video game that is often played in esports teams, leagues, and tournaments.  It is a very popular gaming experience developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Overtime Elite (OTE) is a new basketball league for sixteen to eighteen year-olds (16-18) looking to avoid high school sports, make some cash, receive financial literacy, and...

How Does Dak Prescott Contract Impact Other Quarterbacks?

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
It has been a long road; finally, the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have come to a deal. The contract took two years to get done. For Prescott, he’s glad it’s happening now. The two parties agreed upon years worth $160 million with $126 million guaranteed. Jerry Jones may have played hardball, but at the end of...

When will Streamers and Social Media go all-in on Live Sports?

Photo of the Facebook "Like" courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)
The 2021 negotiation of the National Football League’s (NFL) sports rights has all but ended.  FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN (the networks) are all back with the same or similar packages.  The major changes being that ESPN+ (owned by Disney) may end up taking over AT&T's DirecTV package as a streamer add-on option and ABC (also owned...

The Great Theatre Debate

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press
When AT&T’s WarnerMedia decided to go direct-to-consumer for a limited window of time through streamer HBO Max on all of its 2021 slate of theatrical films, the action set Hollywood ablaze in commentary.  Directors, studios, and actors signaled the end of the Hollywood, specifically moviegoing.  A deeper dive into the decision-making and future of the industry might...

The Subscription Diversification Dilemma

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)
At what point will consumers push back to subscription fragmentation in the marketplace?  As content becomes more and more accessible only through subscription based paywalls, will consumers stop buying?  There is a business principle that states there is an equilibrium between price, population, and demand.  Meaning, a business can set a price that may be a little...