Duke Basketball Players Hit With DUI


Entering this season, Duke has a loaded team with the arrival of three top 20 prospects. Even with a rocky season last year, Duke finished 49th in field goal percentage and 40th in assist to turnover. But as the college season gets underway, we already have drama. This is not the type of start that Duke wanted to see. Mike Krzyzewski is in his final season. The season should be a celebration of one of the best head coaches in any sport. Instead of on-court production, Coach K has to handle an off-court incident. Michael Savarino, a grandson of Coach K, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Paolo Banchero the passenger, Banchero was charged, but not arrested, with aiding and abetting DWI.  

Duke said in a statement, “We are reviewing a legal matter involving two members of the basketball team. Any further actions as a result of this situation will ultimately be determined by the Vice President/Director of Athletics and University officials.”  

Paolo Banchero, left, and Michael Savarino, right, play for the Duke Blue Devils.

Savarino is a junior guard who hasn’t played much in his career. Banchero, a 6-foot-10, 250-pound forward, is a top recruit and likely lottery pick in the 2022 NBA draft. Both are underage; Savarino is 20, and Banchero is 18. Savarino allegedly recorded an illegal .08 (Blood Alcohol Concentration) and was released from custody. His court date is December 9. Banchero’s court date is December 8.  

Krzyzewski did not specify how long Savarino will not be with the team. “It’s two different situations,” Krzyzewski said. “Two entirely different situations. Headlines might make it look like it’s the same. It’s not. The decisions that are being made are in conjunction with our authorities and my superiors. We’re taking action. We took action, and we will continue to take action.” 

Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

As Duke has a shot at an ACC championship this is the last thing they expected to happen. If any coach could handle this situation, it would be Coach K. The coach has possibly seen it all in the world of college basketball. One thing for sure, no matter what this isn’t how the Coach wanted to start the season.  

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