Twany Beckham: From Athlete to Author


Twany Beckham is not your average athlete. Some athletes use sports to enrich themselves, but Beckham uses sports to enrich others. Beckham grew up in Louisville, KY. At a young age, he fell in love with basketball and used the sport to help build a road to success from one of the roughest neighborhoods in Louisville. Beckham was a three-year starter at Ballard High School. As a starter with the Bruins, they were 86-16 and went to a pair of Sweet 16 state tournament appearances. The point guard averaged 16.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 2.3 steals per game to earn first-team all-state honors his senior year. He was the 7th Region Player of the Year in 2006-07.

After his time with the Bruins, he attended New Hampton School and averaged 15.0 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 8.0 assists as a Prep School star. He received a scholarship to Mississippi State University and excelled in the classroom. He then transferred to the University of Kentucky. He would become an all-academic SEC student-athlete, a National Champion, and a finalist for the Arthur Ash Award. He graduated in 2013 with a degree in communications which laid the foundation for his post-basketball career. A back injury during his senior year derailed his professional basketball plans. But his strong will growing up in the projects of Louisville prepared him for any adversity. Beckham has taken his life lessons to become a guiding light within the community. He took his role of assisting as a PG on the court to assist others off the court.

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“All the opportunities, success, and accomplishments that I had in my career; there has always been someone behind the scenes serving, helping, and showing me there is a way,” Beckham said. “Since I was a kid growing up in the projects, I wanted to be that vessel as well. I’ll never forget where I come from and the people who laid the foundation and helped me chase my dreams. People who didn’t have time still poured into me and showed me many things outside of where I came from. It keeps me inspired and motivated to return to my community and continue to help people.”

In helping people, Beckham has shared his life experiences through print. No denying the power of books and education. Books encourage language development and further interest in reading. These stories plant seeds that hopefully will blossom into curiosity for knowledge. The evolution of technology and open access to books has given an avenue for black authors to share their vision. Supporting Black authors can enable more authentic storytelling that reflects Black experiences, identities, and voices.

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Twany has since then published several books; Full Court Press-Conquering Adversity Under Pressure, PRESSURE, and a book for children titled Believe in Your Dream. Also, he helped write Superman; this is a book that his mother and himself wrote detailing the adversity that she has faced and overcame in her life. The UK and Mississippi State product has launched a publishing company called I Vision Press. I Vision Press was designed to be a resource, hope, and vessel for opportunities for young people and creatives to get their books published. The publishing company will be vital to bridging the gap between what it takes to write a book.

“I had back surgery my senior year at the University of Kentucky. I needed something to put my attention and mind to. I always loved writing throughout my high school and college days. I never thought that I would be an author. After my injury, I started pouring my time into writing and being creative. Then my first book came; I saw how impactful my story was on others. It just does something to me and gives me purpose. I wanted to thrive off the momentum I had as a writer and continue to have an impact on others.”

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Beckham’s array of influence doesn’t stop at books or on the court as a player. He recently became certified as a FIBA & NBA agent, seeking to help the next generation reach higher heights. The NBA has 80% plus of African American players. African-American athletes can consider representation that comes from the same communities they speak up on behalf.

“I love the game of basketball; I’m a student of the game. I have a very high IQ; I understand all the dynamics of the game. Almost 80-90 percent of the NBA players come from similar backgrounds as I came.” Beckham said. “There is already a sense of relatability, not only from me to the athlete but the athlete to me. I can understand them and their language. I understand their family dynamic. It’s about helping the player and the client. Their success is my success.”

Twany Beckham is about creativity and living your purpose. Each person has a story that can impact others. We can overcome the hardships we face; if we believe that we can. From the projects to the highest highs of college basketball, his story of perseverance to be great should inspire us all. Connect with the former basketball player, author, Agent, and motivational speaker at

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