Winners and Losers of Lions and Rams Trade


In what will be one of the most insane off-season’s in recent memory, the madness began before the Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams, who went to the Super Bowl just a few years ago, have traded what they thought was their franchise quarterback. After signing Jared Goff to a monster deal two years ago, the QB is now in Detroit. It is a blockbuster trade for Matt Stafford. Let’s breakdown who the winners and losers are.    

Winners: Detroit Lions for the next two drafts   

The Rams first offered one first-round draft pick but then added another one to get the deal done. The trade gives the Lions four first-round draft picks to help jump-start their rebuild. There is no need to draft QB in this year’s draft if the team is not in love with one. Detroit can wait till next year and see what Goff can provide. The final piece of the trade was a third-round pick. The third-round draft pick allows the team to trade to move up in the draft or add to their depth.     

Winners: Matthew Stafford    

Stafford now has a chance to prove his talent can win on a high level. Have the Lions been holding him back, or is he overrated? For Stafford’s legacy, this trade was essential. Stafford is joining a team that has its sights on a Super Bowl championship. If he plays well, the Rams will probably look to extend the contract. If Stafford has sustained playoff success in LA, he could help his case to HOF. Stafford in head coach Sean Mcvay’s offense looks like a match made in heaven.     

Losers: Jared Goff    

Goff is now at the mercy of the Lions and their rebuild. The QB can show everyone he can carry a team. He had 60 touchdowns and 19 interceptions in the first two years in Mcvay’s offense. His play has declined since the Super Bowl. He has 42 touchdowns and 29 interceptions in the last two seasons. There are two main reasons Goff is the loser of the trade. First, he is no longer on a playoff contender. Second, he goes from living in the sunshine of LA to the cold winters of Detroit.     

Losers: Indianapolis Colts    

This offseason will have several quarterbacks the Colts can choose. With Phillip Rivers’s retirement, they look for their QB of the future. It seemed like a potential long-term fit for Stafford, who is 32. The Colts are built for the playoffs; they have a great defense, offensive line, and skill players. The Colts had more than enough cap space to handle Stafford’s contract. The Colts are too good to pick a rookie QB. Colts are in win-now mode; it all pointed to Stafford. While the Colts will still pick up a solid QB, it seemed like Stafford was their guy.    

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