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Internet Freedom

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File).
The regulation of social media will be the question of our time.  Indeed, the freedom of the internet to consumers will follow the path to least or some other level of resistance.  The internet was once without much regulation, but as the days push into the future, companies and consumers are met with more restrictions.  Currently, internet search engines have...

Player Privacy Protection Central to Innovation and Success

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Petr David Josek, File)
Player contact tracing has become a central tool in the success of playing sports.  However, tracking of player data for health reasons is just the beginning.  Players unions beware as privacy and monetization issues arise in the use of personal data and information.  The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is one of many legislative efforts across the United States seeking...

Why were Entertainment & Sports SPAC’s so popular in 2020?

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In 2020, there were at least one-hundred and twenty (120) special-purpose acquisition companies (“SPAC”) created.  For explanation purposes, a SPAC is a large amount of cash collected into a special-purpose acquisition for the purpose of targeting an investment into another company or venture.  SPACs are sometimes referred to as “blank-check” companies because the nature of their purpose is to...

Monique Reid Takes Overseas by Storm

Monique Reid is one of the greatest women basketball players the city of Louisville has ever seen. The future Cardinal played four seasons at Fern Creek High School. She showcased an uncanny ability to score. In her junior and senior year, she was named a first-team All-State selection. In her final season, she scored the second-most points in the...

Sports Drive to Appeal to Broader Audience

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (Jeffrey Phelps / Associated Press)
In 2020, Nielsen reported that sports popularity had dwindled among Generation X and those under the age of twenty-years old.  This presents a major problem for sports franchises as the key to a successful business venture is to grow your audience especially for future generations.  History is replete with businesses that failed to attract the next generation only to...

Dealmaking December: Entertainment, Media, and Sports Review

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press | Patrick Sison/AP
The holiday season normally slows things down, but not in 2020.  Disney received some well-deserved press on its successful launch and the subscriber numbers related to streaming platform Disney+.  However, questions remain about how the Hulu platform, ESPN+, and ABC will integrate sports content.  Disney also seems content with releasing some films on the direct-to-consumer platform with others through the...

HBO’s Hollywood Max(imum) effort for Theatrical Streaming Distribution

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During a year that will indeed be reflected upon, there are many lessons to be gleaned.  However, some business truths remain.  First, change is certain, and second, businesses must meet the consumer where they want to be met.  The Bill Gates-inspired and Jonathan Perelman quote that “content is king, but distribution is queen” applies to AT&T-owned WarnerMedia’s decision...

Who Are the Kings of the East

NBA basketball is three weeks away. The Lakers have the crown, but the eastern conference of the NBA is loaded, unlike previous years. Three of the best five teams coming into the season resides in the east. The conference has ten teams with realistic hopes for the playoffs. But at the end of the day, only eight teams can...

Norte Dame and Clemson on Collision Course

Notre Dame has made history, with the ACC making schedule changes due to Covid-19, the Fighting Irish will appear in the ACC Championship Game. This year is Notre Dame’s first season as an ACC member in football. Depending on the outlook of college football next year. Charlotte will hold the ACC Championship game on Dec 19. The winner will...

The Power of Triller

"You do you" Social Streaming TM. Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press
Imagine TikTok, Instagram, ESPN+, and YouTube all rolled into one platform.  How about MTV, DAZN, and HBO rolled into one access point?  The result would be Triller.  The platform that just introduced itself in a major way (although the platform currently has over 100 million users) to the American people and the world via the Mike Tyson and Roy...