The Hall of Fame Case for Rajon Rondo.


 Rajon Rondo is a Hall of Famer. Rondo has been one of the more productive players of the past decade. Rondo has been on several teams in the latter part of his career but is still the best point guard of his draft. The Louisville, Ky native isn’t as flashy as most point guards, but he plays with an exceptionally well-rounded style. There’s no coincidence that his All-Star level play leads to wins. Rondo’s career accolades are four all-star appearances, four All-Defensive Teams, three assists titles, one steals title, and now two NBA championships. Rondo ranks 6th all-time in assist in the NBA playoffs. Rondo is the only player in NBA history to win championships with the Los Angles Lakers and Boston Celtics.  

Drafted out of the University of Kentucky in the first round, Rondo would be coached by a former great point guard in Doc Rivers. Rondo started 25 games his rookie year being named to the All-Rookie Second Team. The following year he began to become a Boston great! Rondo averaged 11.7 ppg, 9.5 apg, and  5.2 rpg. 

 During his prime in Boston, he would become one of the best floor generals of his generation. Rondo didn’t have the best jump shot, wasn’t the most athletic, and never wasn’t the fastest. But what Rondo lacked in physical ability (compared to other PG’s of his era) he made up for in hustle, basketball IQ, and heart. Rondo was and still is an extension of the coach. Rondo has stated he wants to be a coach and GM after retirement. His knowledge of angles, plays, and the best ways to utilize players is above the norm.

Rondo had his moments with Ray Allen, Doc Rivers at Boston,  and Rick Carlisle in Dallas between the lines. But it can’t be denied that when Rondo was on the court, every team offense was better he played for, especially in the playoffs. Rondo has compiled averages of 10.2 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 8.3 assists. In 121 playoff games with the Celtics, Mavs, Bulls, Pelicans, and Lakers. He has career postseason numbers of 13.3 points, 5.9 boards, and 9.0 assists, and top 10 in playoff assist. The only other player to average a 13-5-9 for his playoff career: Magic Johnson.

“I think if you look on the entirety of my career, I’ve always been able to perform at a high level given obviously I’ve had a couple of injuries, setbacks the last couple seasons. But other than that, I think I’ve always risen to the occasion and played pretty well in my 14-year-career,” Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo said.

Rondo numbers are very comparable to point guards in the Hall of Fame now. Rondo’s averages are similar to Dennis Johnson of the Boston Celtics, Jason Kidd, Maurice Cheeks. He’s also 4th in career assists in Celtics history.  With his career assist number, he has an outside chance to become a top 10 assist leader. Consider that only seven others have averaged a 10-4-8 for their careers: Oscar Robertson, Chris Paul, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Ben Simmons. And Rondo now has as many rings as six of them combined. The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame takes into account one’s full contributions to the game of basketball. He’s a player whose jersey will be retired and is one of the best point guards of the 2010s.

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