2023-2024 Mountain West College Basketball Outlook

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The Mountain West commands attention for its intense competitiveness. During the 2022-2023 season, San Diego State, Utah State, Boise State, and Nevada demonstrated their strength during March Madness. San Diego State notably reached the national championship game.

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The resurgence of Colorado State and the anticipated performance of New Mexico’s backcourt ensure the Mountain West remains as captivating. San Diego State, boasting three consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, aims to uphold its winning tradition. Despite the likelihood that the upcoming season’s roster may not match the 2022-2023 team (which reached the national championship game), the return of Darrion Trammell and Lamont Butler in the backcourt.

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Boise State has a seasoned presence inside and outside in Max Rice and Tyson Degenhart. They seek to challenge the Aztecs. New Mexico boasts one of the most potent mid-major backcourts in the nation, featuring Jaelen House, Jamal Mashburn Jr., and Jemarl Baker Jr. Transfer Nelly Junior Joseph from Iona further bolsters their presence in the paint.

The conference sent four teams to the NCAA Tournament for two consecutive seasons. The resurgence of Colorado State, positioning itself at the top of the standings, has the potential to elevate the league’s overall competitiveness. However, it’s important to note that the league’s fortunes may influenced by the performances of Coach Tim Miles at San Jose State and Jeff Linder at Wyoming. As always, the Mountain West promises an enthralling and fiercely competitive college basketball season for enthusiasts.

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