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    I’ve harbored doubts about Josh Allen for some time now. I’ve acknowledged his incredible ability to pull off mind-boggling plays on the field, rivaled by only one other quarterback in the league. His decision-making and propensity for turnovers have led me to question whether he possesses the leadership and consistency needed to guide a team to a Super Bowl victory. I am bullish that Allen will continue to mature and limit his mistakes.

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    When predicting an MVP, I place a significant emphasis on the narrative. I consider which player, should they perform exceptionally well, would present the most compelling case for the MVP title. Take Mahomes for instance; he is regarded as one of the most gifted quarterbacks in history, so simply playing at an elite level might not suffice, given the lofty expectations that fans and voters have for him to break records.

    Josh Allen net worth: How much money does Bills QB make in 2022? | Sporting  News

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    On the other hand, the Bills and Josh Allen are entering this season with expectations lower than I would anticipate, especially considering their three consecutive AFC East titles and the fact that their roster hasn’t shown signs of regression. Allen struggled to end the season, highlighted by an awful performance against the Bengals in the divisional round. Many people have forgotten how talented Allen is. It’s worth noting that Allen was contending with an elbow injury last season, which played a role in his less-than-stellar performance.  A productive season from Allen and the Bills will stand out more than one would for the likes of Jalen Hurts or Mahomes.

    Where Josh Allen lands on QB ranking lists from the 2022 season

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    The Bills have one of the toughest schedules in the league. Allen will have opportunities to rack up some statement wins. Bill’s last five road games are against the Bengals, Eagles, Chiefs, Chargers, and Dolphins, all projected playoff teams. If Allen can lead the Bills to victories in at least three games, it will be massive for his MVP case. Should Allen sustain his consistently high-level production, I believe this could finally be the year when he secures the MVP.

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