LSU Women’s Basketball Star Receives Backlash for Recent Rap

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LSU women’s basketball player Flau’jae Johnson relieves backlash for her recent rap release to social media. Johnson released a remix to female rap artist Latto’s new hit single, “Put it on Da Floor,” earlier this week to Instagram.
The remix went viral. It was reposted, liked, and commented on by thousands of fans, including many A-list celebrities. Latto even approved the remix by reposting it to her Instagram commenting while adding fire emojis.

LSU star Flau'jae Johnson makes 9/11 reference in new rap song, video comes off social media | Fox News

Photo Cred: Fox News

In the rap, Johnson made a reference to the 9/11 terrorist attack. The line references a model of a Porsche car and the attack on the Twin Towers.
In the song, she raps, “In this 911, blowing smoke just like the towers.”
The play of words was heavily criticized by fans. Some fans even went to Twitter to express their opinions.

LSU star Flau'jae Johnson likes tweets in support of her rap track, which references 9/11 attacks | Fox News

Photo Cred: Fox News

“Take a bow LSU women’s basketball. A player on your team mocked those who died on 9/11 by comparing it to a Porsche.” Another fan wrote, “Disgusting. I know people who still struggle to sleep at night because of what they did in the war after 9/11. She thinks it’s a joke.”

The University quickly caught wind of the backlash and controversial lines trending on social media. LSU released a statement the following day apologizing on Flau’jae’s behalf.The statement said, “She expressed sincere remorse for any possibility of a misunderstanding and immediately took the video down.”

LSU's Flau'jae Johnson removes rap video with controversial 9/11 lyric

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Flau’jae will have to find the balance between both of her passions. Many believe that the recent backlash the LSU women’s basketball team is receiving is due to their recent accomplishments and notoriety. Some fans also expressed the need to let the girls enjoy themselves as young superstars and that there are other issues to be worried about.

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