UWG Wolves Triumph Over UAH Chargers in GSC Semi-Finals 

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The University of Alabama-Huntsville Chargers went head-to-head against the University of West Georgia Wolves yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama. This was the third time the two teams have faced each other this season, and what a match it had promised to be. It was one of the semifinal matches of the Gulf South Conference Championship, with both teams having claimed a top-8 spot in the regular season and winning their quarterfinal matches. UAH was riding high off their regular season victory and domination over their quarterfinal opponent, the MC Choctaws. UWG was a strong team, though, having won their quarterfinal match by 20 points and being competitive against UAH. 

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First Half

The Wolves started the game defensively, successfully preventing many of the Chargers’ shots. The Chargers’ defense was more lacking, allowing the Wolves to gain a 12-point lead by the 6:00 mark. UAH managed to find their footing and began to score multiple baskets, shortening UWG’s lead to only three points by the end of the first half. The score at halftime was 33-30 in favor of the Wolves. 

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Second Half

The second half opened explosively with West Georgia scoring seven points in the first three minutes, widening their lead. Huntsville tried to push back and successfully scored many baskets but failed to catch up for a large portion of the half. After back-and-forth baskets, the Chargers got a break and scored enough to bring them within range of UWG. At one point, a three-pointer and three free throws would tie the game at 61 points each. Both teams scored several more baskets, with the score ending up at 69-69 with five seconds left on the clock. Wolves player Zawdie Jackson managed to score, bringing the score to 71-69 with just a couple of seconds left. Charger Max Shulman took a hail-mary three-point shot at the last second, but it bounced off the rim and gave UWG the victory. 

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