Flames Flicker as Chargers Stomp at Walker Area


It was a tense night at the Walker Area in Cleveland, Tennessee. The top two teams of the Gulf South Conference went head-to-head for the second time this season. Having lost the previous game at the University of Alabama Huntsville Charger’s home court, the Lee University Flames were eager for revenge at their home court.

Chaney Johnson shoots a free throw.

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics

The Chargers initially opened the game with a 3-2 lead, but the Flames quickly gathered themselves. Putting on their best defensive game, the Flames allowed the Chargers only two more points before going on an 11-point scoring rampage. The Chargers were forced into a five-minute scoring drought, after which they scored five more points before fouling twice. This gave the Flames two free-throw opportunities they swiftly converted for two more points, bringing the total to 22-10 halfway through the first period.

Both teams then found their defenses outmatched the other team’s offense as the Chargers found themselves in a three-minute scoring drought, and the Flames took five minutes to score another basket. After the drought ended, both teams managed to score several times. The Chargers begin closing the gap, bringing the total to 28-26 in favor of the Flames at halftime.

Torrid Start Continues as No. 8 UAH Moves to 7-0 - UAH Athletics

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics

After halftime, both teams began to score before going cold again for another three minutes. The Chargers then began to pull ahead, scoring 11 points in a row, allowing them to tie and surpass the Flames. The Flames would continue to score enough baskets to remain competitive and tie with the Chargers at one point for 53-53 but would find themselves unable to gain another lead. With an ending score of 61-55, the Chargers celebrated a victory as they retained their second-place score in the league, while the Flames fell from first to share second place with the Chargers.

Max Shulman puts in a layup against Lee on Friday night at Spragins Hall.

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics

This was a fantastic defensive game, as neither team was willing to give up points without a struggle and multiple scoring droughts on both sides. Chaney Johnson finished the game with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Max Shulamn put up 15 points and 12 rebounds.

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