Top 5 Plays of the Week: Wisconsin vs. Mexico State

Photo Cred: New Mexico State Athletics
  1. Ricardo Hallman’s interception

Redshirt freshman cornerback Ricardo Hallman had a one-handed interception during the first quarter. This was his first career interception. He was in man coverage and was able to strip the ball from New Mexico State’s receiver’s hands. Top play and individual effort of the game.

Photo Cred: 247 Sports                                                  Photo Cred: Getty Images

2. Keontez Lewis’ first career touchdown reception

Three minutes into the second quarter, Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz throws a line drive to Lewis for an 18-yard touchdown. This was a career first for him.

Photo Cred: 247 Sports                                          Photo Cred: 247 Sports

3. Braelon Allen, in general

So far, he’s rushed for 17 touchdowns in his first 14 games. In only his third carry of the game, Allen jump cut through a crowd of Aggie defenders. Thanks to great offensive line blocks, he rushed into the endzone on the play. He had three rushing touchdowns on the day.

Photo Cred: 247 Sports                                          Photo Cred: FOX6 News Milwaukee

4. Skyler Bell’s two touchdowns

Mertz and wide receiver Skyler Bell were the dynamic duo of the game. Bell’s first touchdown was midway through the third quarter. Mertz found Bell in an open zone, and Bell made a quick stagger movement to find his way into the endzone. With about six minutes left in the third quarter, Mertz threw a perfect pass to Bell on the left sideline. Even with coverage, Bell was able to get both feet in the corner of the endzone.

Photo Cred: ESPN                                                  Photo Cred: Getty Images

5. Maema Njongmeta’s interception

The right guy at the right time. New Mexico State quarterback Gavin Frakes’ throw bounced off their running back’s facemask. Linebacker Maema Njongmeta caught the ball and set the Badgers up for a two-yard touchdown.

Photo Cred: 247 Sports                         Photo Cred: Getty Images

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