Celtics and Heat Ready to Rumble in Game 5


The Boston Celtics responded in game four with a blowout victory over the Miami Heat (102-82) and tied the series up 2-2. Unlike game three, Boston came out like a team that wanted to win and get back in this series.

Celtics Heat schedule

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Jayson Tatum set the tone for his Boston Celtics. Game three, Tatum only scored 10 points while shooting (3-14) from the field. Tatum also shot (1-7) from the three-point range. Tatum knew coming into the game that he let his team down in game 3. Tatum finished the game with thirty-one points, eight rebounds, and five assists. If the Boston Celtics want to win this series, they will need their best player to play like the best player in this series.

Both the Celtics and Heat came into game four, without key players for their teams. The Celtics were without Marcus Smart due to a sprained ankle. For the Heat, they were without their six-man-of-the-year Tyler Herro due to a groin injury. This series has been full of injuries, and it seems like the healthier team will in the NBA finals.

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics - Game Three

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The Celtics supporting cast came along and played their part in this ball game. Robert Williams and Jaylon Brown both scored twelve points. Derrick White got the start for the Celtics, and he delivered for his team. He finished the game with thirteen points, but he set the tone for the Celtics. Al Horford played big in last night’s game. He grabbed thirteen rebounds, and his veteran leadership is always a plus for Boston. The game 5 adjustment for the Heat is how attack the basket with the return of All NBA Defensive player Robert Williams.

The Miami Heat should be embarrassed after an inferior performance in game four. Miami missed 14 field goals and scored 11 points in the first quarter. They lost the game in the first quarter of this ball game. In game three, the Heat came out aggressive and set the tone from the jump. This series has been a story of blowouts and massive runs. The Heat rallied and won game three, despite Jimmy Butler being out the second half due to knee inflammation. Coming into game four, it seemed like Miami would come out and play like a team that wanted to take a commanding lead (3-1) lead in this series.

Grant Williams (right) and P.J. Tucker fought for the ball in the first quarter.

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Outside of Victor Oladipo scoring 18 points and getting the start in last night’s game. The Heat did not show up, and it seems like something is wrong with Jimmy Butler. Bam Adebayo must be more aggressive. He only took 5 shoots in game 4. He the only true big man the Heat can throw at Williams and Horford. He can try get them into early foul trouble.

Butler only managed six points while shooting (3-14) from the field. Butler scored 41 points in game 1 and followed game two with 29 points. In games three & four, Butler is averaging seven points per game. Butler has great games, but his inconsistency has been an issue.

Heat vs. Celtics

Unlike the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics do not have a home-court advantage, and they must win a game on the road if they want to beat Miami and advance to the NBA finals. When a series is tied (2-2), the winner of game five wins the series 82 percent of the time. Will the Celtics steal Game 5, or will the Heat defend home court?

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