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Do you want to be the best? Then you have to train with the best. Nobody else does it better than Stephon Brown and TJ Brown of Top Shelf Performance. Top Shelf Performance is a football training company that specializes in Wide Receiver training. TSP has trained some of the best athletes in the NFL and college football. The trainers focus on strength, speed, and agility to help them improve on the field.

Their success is not luck. The determination is unmatched in the world of football training. Few performance trainers have the talent that has come to Top Shelf Performance. Calvin Ridley, Stefon Diggs, Van Jefferson, Mecole Hardman, and CeeDee Lamb have had the TSP experience. Some trainers focus mainly on maintaining the body. TSP focuses on the body, specialized drills, and making the training relate to the game.

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A receiver himself, TJ attended high school at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Lovejoy High School. At St. Thomas is where he learned the true meaning of grind. Through work and dedication to the craft. It was the building block of his success today. During his freshman year of high school, Richard Goodman was on the team. That relationship profoundly impacted his football career. Goodman would go on to FSU and play for the San Diego Chargers in the NFL.

“I looked up to Richard Goodman during Rec Ball. I was fortunate enough to attend the same school freshman year at powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Going into that year, I had never seen someone grind the way he did. Before and after practice, on the weekends running on the beach, hills, etc. I watched him grind and how it paid off. He had a 1,000 plus yard season, went to the state championship, and signed to Florida State. I got to see first hand that if you grind hard, take it personally and lock in; you can become whoever and do whatever you want in life.”

Photo Cred: Total 360 Mgmt

His grind, mentality, and work ethic eventually led TJ to play at Eastern Kentucky University, where he spent his freshman year. Brown would go on to junior college and end up at Shaw University in North Carolina. Football in different programs helped prepare him for his career by helping him learn the right and wrong decisions; while also instilling hard work and determination in him. He said, “Especially as a freshman, you can get distracted by so many things. To go through that has allowed me to tell kids the correct decision-making as a Freshman. It also taught me hard work. There are times I wouldn’t go out. I would stay up until midnight on the track, running or going to the field. I would say I learned a little bit of everything, and most importantly, I grew up.”

Now that TJ has grown within his purpose, he has been a pecan of hope in his community. He helped start one of the top performance and wide receiver programs in the country. Brown helped organize football camps, has coached with Cam Newton’s 7on7 All-Star team, and coached with FBU. He has helped a lot of kids and men get better on and off the field.

Photo Cred: Total 360 Mgmt

The trainer worked with the sports & entertainment management company Total 360 Management over the summer for a football camp. Atlanta, GA, held The Stop the Violence “Make em Believe” Youth Camp. The camp geared towards inspiration and motivation showed the impact football has on helping stop the violence. TJ is a model of greatness on the field and in the community.

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