UK’s Commit Kiyaunta Goodwin Is Ready For The Next Level

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Kiyaunta Goodwin is next level! The offensive lineman from Charlestown High School has been on many college’s radars since freshman year. A senior Goodwin is one of the best linemen to come out of the Kentuckiana area in recent years. Standing at 6’7 and 300 pounds, top tier programs that made a run at the offensive tackle include Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, etc. It was a shock to some that he committed to the University of Kentucky. The University of Louisville made a hard run also.

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Goodwin is a physical specimen. He’s explosive and moves like a skilled player at his size. The lineman has smooth hips. Goodwin benched 225 over 30 times and maxed out 495 at a recent workout. His footwork is top tier, his drop step in pass blocking is quick, and he can stay balanced. Goodwin can get out of his stance quickly and reach the second level in run blocking. He plays with physicality and intensity but remains calm. Kentucky is getting a blue-chip prospect! Until Goodwin officially puts pen to paper and signs with Kentucky, other programs will continue to reach out. But if the coaching staff continues to do what they’ve done for years, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

He is a 5-star offensive tackle with an eye-popping 63 offers and is the number one prospect in Indiana. The All-Star games have been rolling in. The All-American bowl game and the Adidas All-Star game have both extended invitations. Goodwin believes he’s the best and most complete lineman in the country. “No one can run blocks better than me. There’s not a lineman that can pass block better than me. And I’ll outwork all of them.”

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About the attention and recognition, Goodwin said, “It feels great. It lets me know I’m going in the right direction. But it also lets me know that I have a lot more work to do.”

Not only is Goodwin one of the best players in the nation, but he might be the best chef. His body transformation over the years has been dramatic. He began his weight loss journey at 425 pounds. Goodwin has a love for food but knew he needed to eat healthier to play football collegiately. He has made tweaks to certain dishes for them to be healthy but still delicious.

Photo Cred: S.K. Patrick

“I started with just cutting out carbs, sweets, and sugars. I stopped eating past 8. I’m still a big guy and like to eat. I found some things I like to eat. I was able to make better to satisfy the cravings I was having. That’s why I’m coming out with a cookbook to help people satisfy those cravings while still losing weight.” He plans to drop the cookbook sometime during college after he gets acclimated to campus life.

Championships start upfront. The big bodies upfront don’t always get the glory, but establishing a strong front at the line of scrimmage is foundational to any success a team hopes to achieve. Kiyaunta Goodwin has what it takes to help establish a culture of dominance on an offensive line. As the UK Wildcats continues to build their program, running behind Goodwin will only lead to good things.

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