Stephon Brown Gives Back to His Community

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Stephon Brown from Atlanta, GA, played wide receiver at Western Kentucky University. He received his BA and Masters in Sports Administration from the university. Along with his cousin TJ Brown, Stephon is a part of one of the best football training performance companies in Top Shelf Performance. High school, collegiate, and professional players have all become better players after the TSP method. He has trained Calvin Ridley, Stefon Diggs, Darius Slayton, and CeeDee Lamb.  

A four-year letterman, Brown was able to establish a coaching career after college. His coaching career began in 2017 as an offensive assistant to wide receivers, followed by being an offensive assistant to running backs. The sport of football certainly has helped Brown achieve at a high level. He received a college education and established a business on and off the field. As productive as Brown has become within his career within football, he has not forgotten the road it took to land him where he is today.  

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“Football helped me in my childhood because it kept me out of harm’s way, made me make good decisions off the field. I didn’t want to be punished and have to miss practices or games.” Brown said. “It allowed me to shine a light on my buddies who were into different things; who had talent but didn’t showcase it until they met me.”  

Knowing the profound impact the sport had on him, he passes his knowledge of the game to the youth. More importantly than football, he seeks to teach kids life lessons. Brown recently hosted his first annual Stop the Violence youth football camp in his hometown. In Atlanta, youth violence is a significant problem that affects hundreds of young people daily, and in turn, their families, schools, and communities.

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The event sought to create a safe space for kids and merge ideas to curb violence in the streets of Atlanta. Brown has four main key points that he breaks down to the youth. The camp gave away books, signed memorabilia, and a play station five. “The advice I give kids is to run your race, ride your own wave, always go with your gut and, if you second guess it, don’t do it.” 

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Growing up in Atlanta, some neighborhoods have a lack of opportunities. As a player and a man, the city helped Brown understand that you have to work hard for whatever you want. There are no handouts, and you have to give respect to earn respect. “What inspired me to be great was seeing my parents behind me to make sure my sisters and I had what we needed to chase our dreams and be successful. No task was ever too big for them when it came to us because they wanted us to be and do better than them.” 

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The benefits of youth sports and camps have been valuable to future collegiate and professional players. Athletes can identify their strengths, weaknesses, monitor their progress, set goals, and have realistic expectations. Along with Top Shelf Performance, Brown is the Pass Game Coordinator and Wide Receivers Coach at Westlake High School in Atlanta. He also previously served as a Wide Receivers Coach at Hapeville Career Academy. Brown seeks to set a new standard for the city of Atlanta.

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