Spurs’ All-Star streak ends

Photo courtesy of USA Today

The turn of the millennium brought on a new dynasty within the NBA, one that has more than 20, straight, playoff appearances and five championships.

For the 2019-2020 season, something unheard took place for the silver and black. As the All-Stars rosters have been set, the San Antonio Spurs have no one who’s made the team. It’s the first time it’s happened since 1997.

Think about it. More than two decades of excellence with 1997 being the last time they missed the playoffs as they fight for the eighth seed this year.

The Rundown

Tim Duncan carried the mantle for most of the dynasty, making the All-Star Game 13 seasons in a row and 15 overall. Tony Parker, David Robinson and Manu Ginobili also made All-Star appearances throughout their tenure. LaMarcus Aldridge picked up the torch, along with Kawhi Leonard.

The blockbuster trade of Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan seemed like a win-win under the situation. But this time around, Aldridge didn’t make the All-Star team and DeMar DeRozan was also a fringe snub candidate thanks to a recent hot streak, albeit one that came up short.

As the Spurs battle for position, their All-Star streak and playoff streak may end in the same season.

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