What we’ve learned so far….

Two weeks are down and I’m already thinking, “wow, football is flying by and I’ll be missing it again soon.” Southeastern Conference (SEC) teams have had a few stiff tests already, and it’s showed us a lot about those teams. Others have cruised through two cupcake games and the jury’s still out on them. Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned so far about the SEC in 2018.

First things first, Alabama is going to win another National Championship, and it won’t be close this time. Georgia, a fellow SEC team, will be their toughest opponent. There’s not a team from another conference that can compete with them physically. They finally have the one thing they’ve been subpar at; a superstar quarterback. Tua Tagovailoa is making throws a Tide quarterback hasn’t made in years.

Speaking of Georgia, they are also VERY GOOD, just like we thought they’d be. The game this weekend against South Carolina was 20–10. I left to make food, and when I came back it was 41-10. Not good for the SEC East.

Ah, the old SEC East. Sometimes, I think back to the 90’s and recall how dominate Tennessee and Florida used to be. How the giants have fallen! Tennessee and Florida seem to be on the same road right now and they’re stuck in a pothole. Tennessee got pounded by West Virginia in their first game and Florida was dominated by Kentucky in their second game. The game wasn’t as close as the 27-16 score might suggest. Florida hasn’t lost to Kentucky since 1986, and as one of the fans on twitter put it, “Rock F****** Bottom.”

Photo: (The Associated Press)

Tennessee’s offensive line might be below the “Rock F****** Bottom” that Florida fan was talking about. They struggled to block ETSU before lightning gave them a chance to make adjustments. If they can’t block ETSU without adjustments, then Auburn, Alabama and Georgia will be licking their chops.

Auburn put a damper on Chris Pederson’s big assault against an SEC opponent. Their D-line looks like it has four NFL players on it, and the offense looks good with Stidham and company. It might not be a bad idea to pick them to win the SEC West if the odds are large enough. There’s a slight chance they can hang with Alabama.

Vandy and Kentucky look like they won’t be easy wins for anyone this year. Kentucky, as previously mentioned, has already knocked off Florida and Vandy has looked impressive in their first two games against out-of-conference foes MTSU and Nevada. Kyle Shurmer has given Vandy a boost on offense and Benny Snell is carrying the Cats.

One more week of mostly out-of-conference games, then the real season starts.

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