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Player Personalities Mirror the Cities Where They Play

Relationships, the idea is to be around people we like and admire.  To be around people and an environment that is conducive to our personality, strengthens our attributes, and forces us to grow in positive ways.  Until now, maybe the thought that the places professional athletes play does not necessarily equate to being a mirror image of the cities...

Best of the West: Predicting the 2018 National League West standings

The 2018 Major League Baseball season is upon us.  The sun has risen on the Arizona desert and Florida coast and cities.  Soon, your favorite baseball players will ascend on their home stadiums.     With the above in mind, what will the standings look like by the beginning of October 2018? Of the five teams in the division, three made the playoffs in 2017...

No collusion confusion: Three reasons why MLB did NOT collude this offseason

From Judge and former Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis to Curt Flood, organized baseball has a storied history as well as a complicated one when it comes to player rights and team control. Baseball players have gone from Elysian Fields to Sandlots to beautifully constructed ballparks as a place to practice and perfect their craft. In the past, the clubs essentially controlled baseball players indefinitely, while Justice Oliver Wendell...