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When will Streamers and Social Media go all-in on Live Sports?

Photo of the Facebook "Like" courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)
The 2021 negotiation of the National Football League’s (NFL) sports rights has all but ended.  FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN (the networks) are all back with the same or similar packages.  The major changes being that ESPN+ (owned by Disney) may end up taking over AT&T's DirecTV package as a streamer add-on option and ABC (also owned...

The Great Theatre Debate

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press
When AT&T’s WarnerMedia decided to go direct-to-consumer for a limited window of time through streamer HBO Max on all of its 2021 slate of theatrical films, the action set Hollywood ablaze in commentary.  Directors, studios, and actors signaled the end of the Hollywood, specifically moviegoing.  A deeper dive into the decision-making and future of the industry might...

The Subscription Diversification Dilemma

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)
At what point will consumers push back to subscription fragmentation in the marketplace?  As content becomes more and more accessible only through subscription based paywalls, will consumers stop buying?  There is a business principle that states there is an equilibrium between price, population, and demand.  Meaning, a business can set a price that may be a little...

From Tragedy to Coach

Photo Cred: Bear Jordan
Life after college has brought former college wide receiver Michaelee Harris football life full circle. Harris played at the legendary Miami Northwestern Senior High School. He ranked as the 13th wide receiver and rated No. 99 in the Sentinel’s Florida Top 100. Unfortunately for Harris, the injury bug followed him in college. Harris was able to overcome...

NASCAR’s move towards Revenue Innovation

Image courtesy of the Associated Press
NASCAR is a proud American sport.  Growing up on the dirt tracks of American soil onto the pavement of today.  Indy car and Formula One racing are also very popular, particularly on the international stage.  NASCAR, like many other sports leagues, are always (as they should be) looking to modernize, innovate, and diversify their revenue streams. 

Distribution Exclusivity vs. Distribution Scope

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)
In an age where consumers may be suffering or begin to suffer from financial subscription fatigue, there seems to be an obvious solution that requires cross-network and platform collaboration.  It is a reminder, and thought for distributors to consider.  Exclusivity over content may bring higher upfront licensing fees, but broader distribution and more platforms means reaching more...

Winners and Losers of Lions and Rams Trade

In what will be one of the most insane off-season's in recent memory, the madness began before the Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams, who went to the Super Bowl just a few years ago, have traded what they thought was their franchise quarterback. After signing Jared Goff to a monster deal two years ago, the QB is now...

The Growth of “Packaging” Beyond Hollywood

Image courtesy of the Associated Press via PR Newswire
In Hollywood filmmaking, there is a term used among studio executives, talent representatives, actors, and writers.  The term is packaging.  Packaging is the practice of talent agents and agencies bringing together an actor(s), producer(s), and director for a film to a studio or independent producer.  In exchange, the agent or agency takes a percentage of the deal. ...

Baseball’s Changing Landscape

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press (Frank Franklin II/Associated Press)
In 2020, Major League Baseball (MLB) decided to engage in the contraction of Minor League Baseball (MiLB).  The result meant that MLB would take over the control of the league itself determining structure and what minor league clubs will be included.  Forty or so minor league clubs were left out of the new structure leading to consolidation,...

Industry Growth Needs Engagement and Historical Perspective

Image courtesy of the Associated Press (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File).
The future of entertainment, media, and sports is a foggy one, as are most predictions.  However, consumers and experts alike can glean possible outcomes from facts and circumstances needed for anticipatory decision-making.  It is certain that each industry and the collective industries have changed drastically from one-hundred years ago to today.    One constant...