NCAA Opens Investigation into Michigan Football

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The Michigan football team finds itself in trouble again. First, it was Jim Harbaugh with  improper actions during recruitment activity. Now, the Big Ten Conference has been informed by the NCAA that there is an investigation into the University of Michigan’s football program, according to a spokesperson for the conference.

Sources: NCAA investigating Michigan football for alleged rule violations related to sign stealing

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The Big Ten Conference stated, “Late Wednesday afternoon, the Big Ten Conference and the University of Michigan were notified by the NCAA that an investigation is underway regarding allegations of sign stealing by the University of Michigan football program. The Big Ten Conference has informed Michigan State University and other future opponents. The conference places paramount importance on maintaining the integrity of competition and will diligently oversee the progress of this investigation. At this time, the conference will refrain from making any additional comments.”

Ordinarily, teams are provided with extensive video footage to assist in their scouting. The situation in question pertains to if the university employed unidentified people to attend games adversaries to collect information and signals. Sign stealing itself does not fall under explicit prohibition and has a storied history as part of the game.

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However, scouting opponents in person has been disallowed since 1994. The NCAA’s stance on whether Michigan utilized staff members or other parties loyal to the program remains undisclosed. Likewise, it is unclear whether the information was acquired through video recordings or alternative means, and whether the head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is implicated in any manner.

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