Week 7 FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll

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FWAA-NFF Rankings

The NCAA football season continues to deliver thrilling encounters, surprises, and shifts in the standings as Week 7 saw some intense battles on the field. With the seventh week of action in the books, the latest FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll rankings reveal intriguing developments and exciting matchups in the pipeline for the upcoming week.

1. Georgia (7-0)
2. Michigan (7-0)
3. Florida State (6-0)
4. Ohio State (6-0)
5. Washington (6-0)
6. Oklahoma (6-0)
7. Penn State (6-0)
8. Texas (5-1)
9. Oregon (5-1)
10. North Carolina (6-0)
11. Alabama (6-1)
12. Oregon State (6-1)
13. Ole Miss (5-1)
14. Notre Dame (6-2)
15. Duke (5-1)
16. Utah (5-1)

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Seven Teams Maintain Their Positions

The top seven teams in the FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll demonstrated their resilience by retaining their positions, reflecting their consistent performances throughout the season. Reigning champions Georgia stood firm at the top, securing a hard-fought 37-20 victory against a surprisingly tenacious Vanderbilt in Nashville. Michigan held their ground at second place, while Florida State and Ohio State traded spots following their convincing wins. Washington, despite a pulsating victory against Oregon, settled for the fifth spot. Oklahoma’s idle week led to a minor setback, dropping them to sixth place. Penn State’s dominating performance against UMass ensured they maintained their position at seventh.

Notable Reshuffling and New Entrants

The latest rankings also witnessed significant shifts, most notably with Notre Dame’s spectacular triumph over USC, which propelled them back into the rankings at No. 14. The game served as a rude awakening for the previously unbeaten Trojans, who fell out of the poll from the 10th spot last week. In a similar turn of events, Duke and Utah both made a strong comeback to the poll. Louisville’s unexpected upset at the hands of Pittsburgh resulted in their exit from the rankings, further intensifying the competition within the poll.

Conference Breakdown

The Pac-12 emerged as a strong force, securing four spots in the poll. Meanwhile, the Big Ten, ACC, and SEC followed closely behind, each contributing three teams. The Big 12 managed to secure two spots, while the Independents claimed one.

Week 8’s Anticipated Matchups

The forthcoming week promises an exhilarating lineup of clashes between the top contenders. Notable matchups include an in-state face-off between Michigan and Michigan State, a battle between Duke and Florida State, and an exciting encounter between top-10 teams Penn State and Ohio State.

Week 8 Schedule:

No. 1 Georgia is idle
No. 2 Michigan at Michigan State
No. 15 Duke at No. 3 Florida State
No. 7 Penn State at No. 4 Ohio State
Arizona State at No. 5 Washington
UCF at No. 6 Oklahoma
No. 8 Texas at Houston
Washington State at No. 9 Oregon
Virginia at No. 10 North Carolina
Tennessee at No. 11 Alabama
No. 12 Oregon State is idle
No. 13 Ole Miss at Auburn
No. 14 Notre Dame is idle
No. 16 Utah at USC

Insights into the FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll

The FWAA-NFF Super 16 Poll, a collaboration between the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the National Football Foundation (NFF), stands as a testament to the collective efforts to celebrate and recognize outstanding performances in college football. The poll’s establishment in 2013 marked a significant step in promoting balanced geographical perspectives in the rankings, with the results published every Sunday throughout the season. The pollsters, including FWAA writers and College Football Hall of Famers, utilize a sophisticated computer program to compile the rankings, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the selection process.

The Football Writers Association of America, founded in 1941, plays a pivotal role in governing media access and game day operations, while also honoring notable contributions to the sport through prestigious awards and recognitions.

On the other hand, the National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame, established in 1947, remains committed to utilizing the spirit of amateur football to foster scholarship, citizenship, and athletic achievement among young athletes.

For further details about the FWAA and the National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame’s programs and initiatives, please contact Executive Director Steve Richardson at 214-870-6516 or tiger@fwaa.com.

To stay updated with the latest developments and activities, visit www.footballfoundation.org and follow the NFF on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @NFFNetwork.

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