LSU Safety Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

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Like the rest of his teammates, LSU safety Greg Brooks Jr. had high hopes for the 2023-24 football season. Even more so after being named one of the team captains for his final year in a Tigers uniform. Brooks participated in the first two matchups of the season. However, ahead of the Mississippi State game, head coach Brian Kelly issued a statement before the matchup, revealing that Brooks was facing a medical emergency.  

Medical History

The medical emergency was not a surprise to the coaching staff and trainers. Earlier in the year, Brooks experienced vertigo and was showing signs of dizziness. Vertigo is often confused with light-headedness but is characterized by a sensation of the world spinning around the affected person. Brooks exhibited persistent dizziness, leading the staff to schedule an MRI. Those results disclosed a sizable tumor in the LSU safety’s brain… On September 20th, emergency surgery was performed to remove the tumor. 

Family announces Greg Brooks has rare form of brain cancer; TAF launches Greg Brooks Victory Fund

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Greg Brooks Jr. underwent surgery at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA, surrounded by his family and friends. His post-surgery recovery was both extensive and arduous. After three weeks, the family received distressing news: doctors diagnosed Brooks with a rare form of brain cancer called medulloblastoma…  

LSU football coach Brian Kelly said support of Greg Brooks Jr.'s battle with cancer has developed outside of Baton Rouge | Tiger Rag

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Dr. Catherine O’Neal, MD, the Chief Medical Officer at the hospital, issued a statement regarding Brooks’ medical condition: 

“For the last three weeks, Greg has been recovering from an extensive surgery to remove a brain tumor that was located between his cerebellum and brainstem,” said  O’Neal. “Greg’s speech and ability to communicate has been impacted, and although he is responsive and working daily with physical therapy, he will face months of intensive rehabilitation. The surgery was successful in removing the tumor, and there is no evidence that the cancer has spread. As he begins rehab in the coming weeks, Greg’s family and care team will determine a treatment plan in collaboration with nationally recognized specialists in this specific form of brain cancer. He has a long journey ahead and will need the full support of our community behind him as he faces this battle.” 


Fans, teammates, and classmates have rallied behind Greg Brooks Jr. and his family during this difficult period. The university has established The Greg Brooks Victory Fund through the LSU ticket office, allowing supporters to donate to cover medical expenses. This includes post-surgery care, treatment, therapy, medicine, and more. Our collective hope is for his swift recovery! 

Walk-On's hosting giveback event in support of LSU's Greg Brooks Jr.

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