Athletic Stars Switch to LSU Online Due to Safety Concerns on Campus 

    Some LSU athletic players have decided to move online due to safety concerns on campus. Due to their recent increase in notoriety across social media, gymnast Olivia Dunne and women’s basketball player Angel Reese have opted to go online during the start of the fall semester.

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    Olivia Dunne and Angel Reese Switch to LSU Online

    Livvy Dunne made her decision over the summer, while Reese decided a few weeks before school was set to start. The sports stars listed their reasons being safety concerns and the rise in fans on their social media platforms and across the globe. Dunne has over seven million followers on TikTok and a little over four million followers on Instagram. Reese has 2.5 million followers on TikTok and Instagram. 


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    Dunne Lists Safety Concerns as Reason for Move

    For Dunne, a situation occurred during the first meet of their season last year. A mob of combined high school and college boys demanded to see the gymnast. They refused to leave until they received a picture or autograph from her. The mob ultimately increased and grew to become so disorderly that the university enforced supplemental security for the duration of the season.

    Dunne Speaks on Incident that Took Place at First Gymnastics Meet

    “I didn’t really realize until after the meet when I saw the videos of it. I was like, ‘holy moly,’” Dunne said. “I will always appreciate and love the support from you guys, but if you come to a meet, I want to ask you to please be respectful of the other gymnasts and the gymnastics community as we are just doing our job.” 

    LSU's Livvy Dunne's rise to fame shows impact of NIL policies on women athletesPhoto Cred:  The 19th News

    Reese Lists Increase in Social Media Status As Reason For Move

    During a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Reese shared that she will be starting and finishing her senior year online. Reese gained popularity as the ‘Bayou Barbie,” when the Tigers won the women’s basketball championship last season. However, her popularity increased tremendously this past summer. This summer alone, Reese threw out the first pitch at the Orioles game, has been featured in a Cardi B music video, and recently got into a very publicized relationship with Florida State Seminoles guard Cam’Ron Fletcher.

    Reese States School as her First Priority Despite Rise in Fame

    “I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity, but I think a lot of people look at me as a celebrity now because of the impact I’ve had on not just women’s basketball, but sports in general, and black women as a whole,” Reese said. “Things have changed for me. School is first, basketball is next. I wouldn’t be here without school and basketball, so that’s my priority.” 

    Much Like Olivia Dunne, LSU Basketball Star Angel Reese Says Celebrity Status Has Now Forced Her To Take Online Classes Exclusively - Bounding Into SportsPhoto Cred: Bounding Into Sports – 

    It is a good sight to see these stars prioritizing their education over sports. However, it is still disappointing that fans will not let them enjoy their college experience. They are talented nonetheless, but they are still young adults and have a hard time dealing with the spotlight. 

    Olivia Dunne and Angel Reese stun on the red carpet as LSU pair attend SI Swimsuit party | Daily Mail Online

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