Could Chris Paul Sign with the Lakers?


An expected but still shocking transaction amid the NBA finals dropped. The Suns will waive or seek to trade Chris Paul. That raises the question of where he will play next year. He’s still chasing a championship ring to cap his Hall of Fame career. Phoenix traded the house to land Kevin Durant. Outside of a championship, a season is a disappointment. An aging point guard is not in their plans. Paul has only been to the Finals once in his career, in 2021 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Suns Will Waive Chris Paul - RealGM Wiretap

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So what team could sign the “Point God”? The point guard position will be interesting for the Lakers. Trae Young and Kyrie Irving have been among the most popular options, but their salaries make it difficult to do so. The Lakers are in win mode.

What if the original Chris Paul trade to the Lakers wasn't vetoed? -

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Not too long after the Nuggets swept the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, the futures of multiple key players were up in the air. D’Angelo Russell showed his limitations during the series against Denver. Russell and the LA Lakers must decide if they want to extend him. The Lakers could sign him to a short-term and cheap contract when Anthony Davis and Lebron James could be free agents. After a year or two, James and Paul could retire. AD could be used for a sign and trade to help with a rebuild.

Chris Paul Can Join LeBron James And The Lakers If He Loses In The NBA Finals And Rejects $44M Player Option - Fadeaway World

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It helps that the Lakers could pay Paul more than the veteran minimum if he wanted. They have a bunch of free agents this offseason, and it wouldn’t be hard to carve out $10 million for a two-year deal for Paul. If both sides are interested this is a great fit. Paul averaged 13.8 points and 8.9 assists per game last season, and he is just one year removed from leading the entire league in assists per game with 10.8 per contest. He can still take a team like the Lakers to the postseason, even if he has had his shortcomings in May. Paul could finally play for the Lakers as he was to do so years ago with Kobe.

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