SEC Imposing Stricter Consequences for Storming the Field


Heading into the upcoming season, the SEC is looking to crack down on fans storming the field after big games. During the 22- 23 season, the fans storming the field after victories were common. We remember Tennessee vs Alabama and LSU vs Alabama. In both games, the underdogs came out on top. Following the Vol’s win, fans stormed and knocked down the goalpost.

Tennessee needs new goal posts after euphoric win over Alabama : NPR

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Tiger fans also stormed the field after their win against Alabama. The SEC imposed harsh fines, and they increased as it accelerated. It did not matter to the fans, players, or coaches. The SEC is looking to crack down on the consequences. SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey understands the excitement over the win of big games; however, there is a safety concern.

Auburn fined $250k for storming the field after Iron Bowl win - Sports  Illustrated

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“There are positive ways to engage in a postgame celebration that don’t involve rushing the field and tearing down goalposts. You can send teams into stands to celebrate with fans. We see that in basketball pretty frequently. You can educate your fans: Stay off the floor, we’re going to come to you, and let’s celebrate that way.” Sankey said.

“You have to elevate the responsibility for the safety of the visiting team. We talk about the dangers for fans. The dangers of people jumping over walls. Dangers for both teams. Dangers for the officials. That’s the kind of conversation the adults in the room have had. The adults will continue to have the conversation.”

Journey pays off for new SEC commissioner Sankey

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Several options and offers as an alternative consequence to teams who disobey the rule. The options are doubling, tripling, or quadrupling fines. Included is forfeiting the next home game against that team or forfeiting the game on the stormed field. Lastly, expect higher standards for visiting team/official’s protection and or a home team’s exit. The SEC has yet to come up with a definitive answer or consequence regarding fans storming the field, but they are fed up.

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