UAH vs. Montevallo at the Peach Belt Conference 

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics 

Yesterday marked the Chargers’ third game of the Peach Belt Conference as they returned home to Charger Park. Their opponent for the day was the University of Montevallo Falcons (UM), a team UAH has struggled against in the past. Prior to yesterday’s game, the Falcons had won five of the seven games played between the two. Despite the home-field advantage, things were looking rough for the Chargers, as they have only beat Montevallo when away. 

Photo Cred: Montevallo Athletics 

It was raining when the game began, which slowly flooded the field and made the grass wet and slippery. UAH kicked off the first quarter with four points, demonstrating their typical early-game power. Montevallo followed up with two points of their own as they began to adjust to the Chargers’ defense. Both teams then traded a point, bringing the first quarter score to 5-3 in favor of UAH. Montevallo’s Trevayne Hunter had two goal contributions (one goal, one assist). For UAH, Reid Vender was especially active this quarter, scoring a hat-trick of goals, had two more shots on goal, and picked up two ground balls. 

Photo Cred: The Alabamian (Hunter)                           Photo Cred: UAH Athletics (Vender) 

By the second quarter, players were slipping and sliding across the field, as a thin layer of water coated everything. Both teams alternated scoring at the beginning, gaining two points each. The Chargers’ lack of endurance began to catch up with them in the muddy field, as the Falcons scored three points. This brought Montevallo to the lead, 8-7. The Falcons had two goals from Connor Frederick, while Will Sommer would assist two goals as well. Charger Pete Fabrizio would have a goal in this quarter to go along with two more shots and a ground ball pickup. 

Photo Cred: Montevallo Athletics (Frederick)               Photo Cred: UAH Athletics (Fabrizio) 

Halfway through the game, the grass was thoroughly churned to mud, making play even more difficult. UAH rallied themselves somewhat, scoring two points. The Falcons quickly scored two more of their own, maintaining their lead at 10-9. UM’s Scott Friant would assist two goals and attempted a shot of his own but would also turn over the ball once. The Chargers’ Brayden O’Neill had a ground ball pickup early in the third quarter and scored his fourth goal of the season five minutes into the quarter. 

Photo Cred: Montevallo Athletics (Friant)                 Photo Cred: Hudl (O’Neill) 

Montevallo opened the final quarter with a point, bringing them to 11. The Chargers made one last push, scoring two points, and brought the game to a tie. Both teams prevented the other from scoring anymore, pushing the game to overtime. UAH’s lack of endurance bit them one last time, as Montevallo wore them out and scored the game-winning point. The final score was 12-11, in favor of the Montevallo Falcons. 

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics 

In the fourth quarter, UM’s goal-scorer, Chaiton Williams, would also cause a key turnover on Charger Will Kastel with 6:36 left in the game. UAH’s Ian Arnt would score and assist a goal within a span of about three minutes (from 9:24-7:38 left in the game). In OT, UAH could not take advantage of the faceoff they won, as both their shots went wide. Williams would take a shot for UM when they got possession of the ball, but UAH Goalie Max Keller would save it. After a ground ball pickup by Friant, Jackson Klewchuk would end the game with 2:24 left in the period. 

Photo Cred: Montevallo Athletics (Williams)              Photo Cred: Montevallo Athletics 

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