UAH Chargers Basketball 2022-2023 Season Recap

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With UAH’s defeat last Tuesday, during the NCAA Division II South Regional Final, the Chargers’ 2022-2023 season has now ended. The University of Alabama in Huntsville had a strong showing throughout the season with many strong players and exciting games. The pre-season started off rough, with Huntsville losing their road exhibition match against Auburn. Huntsville’s first match in the SCB Hall of Fame Classic against Nova Southeastern was also a loss. They came back in the second game, opening their season with an official record of 1-1. From there, the Chargers won both of their Bill Penney Crossover Classic games, showing they had found their momentum. 

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The Gulf South Conference then opened the season proper, and UAH started off with a bang. The first month of the season concluded with Huntsville having won eight of their 10 season games and no signs of slowing down. The rest of the season passed with the Chargers dominating on the court, only losing two more games for a season record of 21-5. The final match against Valdosta State was won by a handy 93-81 score, giving UAH the regular season title. Then, it was time for postseason tournaments, with Huntsville facing off against Mississippi College at home to open the GSC tournament.

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The Chargers won that game but met a stumbling block against West Georgia, losing at the last minute by a two-pointer. Fortunately, UAH had performed well enough to be invited to the NCAA Division II South Regional Conference. Huntsville won their first two games but met their demise in the finals against Nova Southeastern. This brought a poetic end to the Chargers’ 2022-2023 season, losing against the same team they did at the start. 

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