Huntsville Havoc and Macon Mayhem Preview


This weekend, the Huntsville Havoc and Macon Mayhem will play two matches at the Macon Centreplex. These will be the fourth and fifth time the teams have met this season. While these two teams historically matched, things have recently changed. The Mayhem have lost every game against the Havoc this and last season. This does not bode well for Macon’s chance and will only worsen for them.

Mayhem Fall to Huntsville in 2022 Season Opener

Photo Cred: Macon Mayhem

Out of the eleven teams in the Southern Professional Hockey League, Macon is tenth. Meanwhile, the Huntsville Havoc are third in the league and have already secured their spot in the playoffs. Furthermore, Macon has only won nine of their thirty-five played games this season.

PHOTOS: Huntsville Havoc vs. Macon Mayhem – 10/21/2022 - Field Pass Hockey

Photo Cred: Field Pass Hockey

A deeper look at the team stats reveals how the balance is tilted even more in Huntsville’s favor. The Havocs are currently on a two-game winning streak, while the Mayhem is knee-deep in a five-loss streak. Huntsville also has four top 20 players in their roster, while Macon has none. Throw in Havoc goalie Max Milosek, the number one goalie in the SPHL, and things start looking bad for the Mayhem.

PHOTOS: Huntsville Havoc vs. Macon Mayhem – 03/03/2023 - Field Pass Hockey

Photo Cred: Field Pass Hockey

The only advantage they appear to possess is the home court, and they have still lost more games there than won this season. Those with sharp eyes may notice hope in the Mayhem’s roster. Macon goalie Nick Latinovich is a name that should ring alarm bells in anyone who has followed the Havocs this season.

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