UAH Chargers vs. CBU Buccaneers Game Review 

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The UAH Chargers traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to go up against the CBU Buccaneers for the second time this season. The Chargers have historically been a very strong team against the Buccaneers, having won their last eight matchups. The Buccaneers did have a couple of advantages going into the game, however. Firstly, the Chargers perform worse outside of their home arena of Kelly Court. Secondly, their last game was lost by only a single point, indicating that the two teams are almost evenly matched this season. 

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics                     Photo Cred: Christian Brothers University Athletics 

The first half of the game began with the Buccaneers going on the offensive, scoring several baskets and pulling ahead by four points. The only issue was that the Chargers found their footing and began scoring three-pointer after three-pointer at the perimeter. The Buccaneers were still able to keep up, infiltrating the Chargers’ defense for several two-point baskets. Unfortunately, a disastrous foul granted the Chargers a free-throw opportunity for three points. From here, the momentum solidly shifted in the Chargers’ favor, with the team having a 16-point lead over the Buccaneers at one point. In the final minutes of the half, the Chargers began to wear down, which was an opportunity that the Buccaneers did not miss. CBU surged forward to score multiple baskets in a row and nearly caught back up. The half ended with the Chargers in the lead, 41-36.  

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics                     Photo Cred: Christian Brothers University Athletics 

The second half began with both teams going on the offensive, bursting past each other’s defenses to score multiple baskets. Five minutes in, the Buccaneers scored nine points and the Chargers had 16 points. UAH continued to pull ahead of the Buccaneers, at one point having a 19-point lead. The Buccaneers made a very strong push, especially defensively, near the three-minute mark. They gained eight points and only allowed the Chargers two more points. However, it was too little, too late. The Chargers prevailed over the Buccaneers 86-71.

Photo Cred: UAH Athletics                     Photo Cred: Christian Brothers University Athletics 

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