Top 5 Players on the UAH Charger’s Men’s Basketball Team


Top 5 Players on the UAH Charger’s Men’s Basketball Team

The UAH Charger’s Men’s Basketball team had a break. Now is an excellent time to look at the current roster and see who stands out among the rest.

  1. Chaney Johnson

#31 Chaney Johnson is the Charger’s strongest offensive player. Having scored 420 points over the course of the season, Johnson blows away the second most prolific scorer. He leds Luke Burnett, by nearly 80 points. Johnson also performed 178 rebounds, the most of anyone on the team.

Chaney Johnson Notches Third Straight GSC Player of the Week Award - UAH Athletics

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  1. Luke Burnett

Guard Luke Burnett might not be the powerhouse that is Chaney Johnson, but he still is a valuable member of the team. If a basket wasn’t made by Johnson, it ended in Burnett’s 341 points this season. Burnett’s real strength lies in three-point shots, having landed 78 of them over the course of the season, more than any other Charger.

Luke Burnett - Men's Basketball - UAH Athletics

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  1. Jack Kostel

If the are struggling to find an opening in the opponent’s defense, #11 Jack Kostel is their man. With 94 assists, Jack Kostel is a master of finding out where he needs to be to help his team score. He is also a master of getting the ball into the Charger’s hands, having stolen 40 balls over the course of the season.

Jack Kostel (@Jack_kostel) / Twitter

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  1. Daniel Saylor

Occasionally, what matters most isn’t scoring points but keeping the opponent from being able to score. When a situation like that arises, the Chargers rely on forward #45 Daniel Saylor to block the goals. With 14 blocks this season, Saylor is the team’s most prolific blocker, keeping the opposition from landing baskets that might deliver them victory.

No. 20 UAH Easily Tames Visiting Bulldogs 105-68 - UAH Athletics

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  1. Max Shulman

The Charger’s local Jack of All Trades, #33 Max Shulman is not the greatest at any part of the game. He makes up for this by being the second or third greatest in almost everything else. With 308 points, 63 three-point goals, 127 rebounds, and 58 assists, Shulman fills any role required. He lets the Chargers keep up the pressure even when their best players start to flag during the ending portions of the game.

Torrid Start Continues as No. 8 UAH Moves to 7-0 - UAH Athletics

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