University of Alabama (Huntsville) Chargers tops Mississippi College Choctaws


The game between the University of Alabama Chargers and the Mississippi College Choctaws was fierce and intense as the two teams battled for dominance at Kelly Court in Spragins Hall. The game was their fifth faceoff this season, with both teams having two wins. Players on both sides were eager to demonstrate their superiority against the other. UAH held the advantage going into the match, both of their prior victories having taken place in Kelly Court and running on a three-win streak.

Torrid Start Continues as No. 8 UAH Moves to 7-0 - UAH Athletics

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The game opened swiftly, the Chargers scoring seven points in the first three minutes. Both teams committed fouls that gave the other free-throw opportunities, giving each team an additional two points. Mississippi swiftly called for a timeout to recover from the Charger’s opening push and determine their strategy. After the timeout, both teams were prepared and raring to go, both teams scoring on each other at a rapid pace.

Choctaws Improve to 5-1 With 20-point Win Over West Florida - Mississippi  College Athletics

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Choctaw forward Galen Smith was instrumental in his team finding their balance in the game, blowing past the Charger’s defense to score basket after basket. The Chargers also played with a heavy offensive and kept their lead throughout the first half. The defense was lacking, as Charger players kept fouling on the defensive and granting the Choctaw additional free-throw opportunities and points. By the end of the first half, the Chargers had 41 points, and the Choctaws had 31.

The second half began with the Choctaw attempting to catch up through heavy offensive play. This initially backfired as they incurred several fouls that gave the Chargers free throws, but they swiftly found their feet and began to catch up. With 4:48 left on the clock, the Choctaw caught back up to the Chargers at 60-60 each.

Max Shulman knocks down a three-pointer at Spragins Hall in front of the student section.

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Unfortunately, the Choctaw couldn’t capitalize on this opportunity, as the Chargers managed to pull back ahead with another 11 points. The Choctaw were only able to score another six. The final score to 71-66 in favor of the UAH Chargers. Max Shulman became UAH men’s basketball’s all-time leader in three-point field goals made. Chaney Johnson becomes the 31st player in UAH men’s basketball history to score 1,000 or more career points coming into the game.

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