When Will Lamar Jackson Sign?


Lamar Jackson is approaching his last year under his rookie contract deal, and all the talk this off-season has been about the Baltimore Raven’s future with Lamar Jackson as their quarterback. Jackson, drafted in 2018, has been the Raven’s starter and has lived up to the expectations. He has been one of the best quarterbacks and players in the national football league. In Jackson’s young career, he has two pro bowls, an all-pro, and an NFL league MVP on his resume.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in Cleveland.

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With Jackson being a former league MVP, he deserves to be one of the highest-paid quarterbacks. Jackson has been the reason why the Baltimore Ravens have been one of the best teams in the NFL because everything starts and ends with Jackson. When you think about the value of Jackson to the Baltimore Ravens, he has been the heartbeat. Since coach John Harbaugh decided to make the Ravens the starting quarterback for the Ravens, they have led the NFL in rushing because of the greatness of Lamar Jackson.


Jackson has rushed for over 1,000 plus in the 2019 & 2020 seasons. Jackson was also on pace for another 1,000-rushing season before an ankle injury. Lamar Jackson is the most entertaining player to watch in the national football league because of his skill set. He does things that most athletes cannot do like Jackson can.

Lamar Jackson throws a pass during Ravens minicamp on Thursday.

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One of the biggest reasons Jackson should get his new contract is when you play at the highest level in any sport. You risk injury every time you step on whatever platform you are on. With the style of play that Jackson plays, he is more likely to for injury. Jackson’s game relies more on his athletic ability, unlike pocket passers. If Lamar Jackson plays this season without a new contract and he gets hurt in the season, there is a possibility that Jackson will not get the money he deserves.

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Jackson has shown that he can beat you by throwing the ball down the field in multiple games in the regular season. People will still question Jackson’s throwing ability to the level of Patrick Mahomes and other notable quarterbacks in the NFL. When you think about great quarterbacks in the NFL, you think of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Jackson is on that list. The Ravens are Super Bowl contenders with Jackson.


Unlike Jackson, the others have always had a go-to receiver they can rely on throughout the season and postseason. On the other hand, Jackson has never had a go-to wide receiver. Jackson’s game will go to another level if the Ravens get him a named receiver that can take pressure off him.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

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The Ravens franchise needs to sign Jackson to a long-term contract and find him a number one receiver. It is not all on the Ravens. Jackson either does not feel worthy or looking for a better payday next year. Baltimore has made it officially known they were the star QB. Also, Deshaun Waston’s contract has reset the market and made QB contract talks more difficult. The true definition of MVP is Lamar Jackson. He has been the foundation for the Ravens since he has been their starting quarterback. Jackson should not play this season until his contract is finalized.

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