Timothy “Mayhem” Moten Goes 10-0

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Fight night was in Louisville, KY at the African American Heritage Center on June 13th. There were several standout performances, but one man rose above the others on the night. Timothy “Mayhem” Moten once again laid claim as a star in the heavyweight division. He took on Tyler Seever. Future Promotions promoted the fight. The heavyweight came into the match with a 9-0 record and riding a 3-fight knockout streak. Mayhem has sparred overseas with Anthony Joshua during his camp leading up to his rematch with Andy Ruiz. Dominantly, Moten would become 10-0 and extend his knockout streak to four.

Seever would come out with a body shot, but Mayhem was unfazed. Moten would answer with a quick overhand left hand. The blow sent Seever down for the first knockdown of the fight within 30 seconds. Once Seever seemed to have the jab figured out, a body blow sent him to another knockdown, leaving Seever unable to defend himself. He ended Seever at the 2:28 mark as the referee called for the fight. Moten brought pressure early and often. His defensive skills have improved, especially in his last four bouts. Moten has been able to avoid any damage and use his jab to keep opponents at bay. Mayhem is strong, deceptively quick, and has hand speed. Seever tried to use the ropes to his advantage, but Moten overwhelmed him. Moten has six knockouts in ten wins since starting his boxing career in 2017.

The heavyweight ranks 91st in America and 321st in the world as he climbs the ranks. (Per:www.boxrec.com) The fight was the longest of his knockout streak which, should strike fear in other heavyweights. The 29-year-old packs so much power behind his punches. Moten is a rare heavyweight that has pure boxing skill, feet work, and knockout capability.

“I put pressure on and was looking for openings, everything off the jab. Try to establish the jab and move off of that. If they can’t handle it, then they fall.” Moten said. “I have to get another victory; we can’t lose. If we lose, we take three steps back. I feel the world is ours; it’s Mayhem and Total 360; we are moving!”

Moten’s skills are another level compared to others ranked at his level. As far as the next step, Moten wants to fight for the Kentucky State Heavyweight title. Once he secures the title, he would like to defend the title a couple of times and then move on to the regional championship. His power has been unmatched since his pro career started; no one has come close to matching his skills as a heavyweight. He has put the division on notice; the heavyweight division runs through him. Moten lives up to the nickname Mayhem and the Gorilla.

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