Timothy Moten Brings the Mayhem

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There is no other sport that is as simple as the sport of boxing. It’s all about the perfect science of the punch. As the world slowly returns to normal; Louisville, Ky filled the house at The Henry Clay Center on April 24th; for a night of boxing. Troy E. Eskridge promoted the fight. There were several standout performances, but one man rose above the others on the night. That man was Timothy “Mayhem” Moten. He certainly brought the mayhem. Moten is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. The heavyweight is also known overseas as his boxing career continues to grow. He spared with one of the best boxers in Anthony Joshua leading up to his rematch with Andy Ruiz. He will no doubt be a threat in the Heavyweight Division.

Moten started his career in 2017. He’s strong, quick for a heavyweight, has great footwork, and has hand speed. In his last bout, his power and speed were on full display. He recorded a first-round knockout against Armondo Reeves; it was the quickest win of the night. He now holds a 9-0 record. Moten has five knockouts in those nine wins. The heavyweight ranks 87st in America and 284th in the world. (Per:www.boxrec.com)

“It always feels great to get the early knockout. I wanted the rounds, we didn’t get rounds, but we can always prepare for the next fight.”
Coming into the night, many thought this fight would go the distance. Moten put an end to that thought within the first minute. He put the pressure on early, leaving Reeves with no chance to respond. The knockout was so quick the fighting world missed out on the pure boxing skill that Moten possesses.

“When I pressured him with the jab, I saw that I stunned him. You always follow up with anything after the jab. Once I saw the jab come, I threw the overhand right.” Moten said. “Once I threw the overhand right, I hit him with another jab. I went downstairs, and once I came upstairs; it was pretty much over.”

His next opponent, or maybe the victim, will be coming up in the summer. Next fight, he will be riding a 3-fight knockout streak. His punching power has already started others in the division to be weary.

“We have June 12th and maybe the 19th. As far as the next step, I would like to fight for the Kentucky State Heavyweight title. Win the Kentucky State title, defend that once or twice, and then move on to the regional championship. And from there, I move on to bigger and better things.”

Even with all the skill in the world, it only takes one punch to turn a fight around or win a match. Moten is one of the rare heavyweights that have the skills and knockout capability to do both. Sparring with Anthony Joshua and running through the heavyweights of Kentucky, the boxing world is noticing. Timothy lives up to the nickname Mayhem. Whoever steps in with this future of the division better make sure they have a strong chin.

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