Times of Change in Entertainment, Media, and Sports

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press | AT&T Stadium outside Dallas, Texas

Leadership and courage in times of challenge and change is what allows people and industries to move forward.  It is a requirement to step into new shoes towards the future.  A little faith, hope, and love never hurt either.

People have relied on family time, internet speeds, and board games to keep active and connected.  Businesses have learned to adapt and provide content in different ways.  All wait, and hope, for what comes next.  Leadership and courage will help all to take the next step with confidence and conviction.  There are reasons for hope in seeing people wanting to connect.  In that thoughts, here are four observations from what has been occurring.

  1. Moving to digital and video

The use of internet Wi-Fi has increased so much that European governments asked Netflix and Amazon to lower their Mbps speeds so as to prevent system failure.  Facebook Live has become a thing again, while Slack and Zoom have significantly increased in usage and valuations.  Conferences like SXSW have moved to digital and video conferencing and viewing.  One quintessential fact makes this possible: people want to connect with each other and businesses and leaders that meet people there will find success and happiness.

  1. Providing complimentary content

HBO is offering 500 free hours of content.  T-Mobile and Sprint merged, while T-Mobile is offering one free year of Quibi to its customers.  Theatrical windows have been redrawn.  After a six-year standoff and litigation, even Spectrum and AT&T entered into a deal to allow the Dodgers twenty-four-hour SportsNet LA channel to appear on AT&T platforms like DirecTV.  The phrase “content is king” was first attributed to Microsoft founder Bill Gates.  ICM executive Jonathan Perelman added to that by saying “distribution is queen and she wears the pants.”  Other variations have added “strategy” and “engagement” to that phrase.  All are important and it is where people are consuming content.  Content must be distributed and by being good it becomes engaging.  Offering it for free during a difficult time never hurt either.

  1. Security first

WWE’s leadership in providing a path of providing content and some sense of normalcy was applauded over the weekend when WrestleMania 36 aired.  NASCAR’s iRacing received similar reception.  The NBA and NFL have held similar eSports tournaments.  WWE’s model was based on employee and contractor freedom, safety, and courage.  At the very least it provided hope.  Major League Baseball has also discussed internally returning to baseball in empty Arizona ballparks with quarantined players.  If testing can be provided more easily, life might return to normal sooner.  One can hope.

  1. Business partners for distribution and subscribers

Much like T-Mobile and AT&T, finding distribution and new subscribers always increases viewers.  Frankly, in this time of families being together, more content is needed and applauded.  Microsoft has even considered purchasing Zoom, which would be an added option to Microsoft’s Teams.  Suffice it to say, money is a part of business and that cannot be forgotten in context, but remember that it takes business and people to succeed through struggle.

One thing is certain, freedom has been fought for, for centuries, fought for and secured, the current time is no different.  On the front lines, we have the nurses, doctors, leaders, and military doing their jobs.  As individuals and businesses, the only thing to fear is fear itself.  Meaning, all have to have the courage to step out of fear and into hope for the present and the future.  Be ready and vigilant, do not let fear drive your decision-making.  Be well, be blessed, be hopeful, and be faithful.

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