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Sports Drive to Appeal to Broader Audience

In 2020, Nielsen reported that sports popularity had dwindled among Generation X and those under the age of twenty-years old.  This presents a major...
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Dealmaking December: Entertainment, Media, and Sports Review

The holiday season normally slows things down, but not in 2020.  Disney received some well-deserved press on its successful launch and the subscriber numbers related...
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HBO’s Hollywood Max(imum) effort for Theatrical Streaming Distribution

During a year that will indeed be reflected upon, there are many lessons to be gleaned.  However, some business truths remain.  First, change is...
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The Power of Triller

Imagine TikTok, Instagram, ESPN+, and YouTube all rolled into one platform.  How about MTV, DAZN, and HBO rolled into one access point?  The result...
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Three Changes in the Modern Economy

It has been written many times before, but change is a constant.  As America and the world find its way through daily, weekly, yearly,...
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The Future of Social Media

Internet freedom is an extension of our personal freedom.  Today, a social media post is the equivalent of standing on a street corner and...
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Freedom in Television Distribution

In early November 2020, the United States Supreme Court decided against hearing a case involving the National Football League (NFL) and its main cable...
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The Individualization of Sports Ideology

Team loyalty has taken a hit.  Between fantasy sports, social media, and an increase in brand partnerships (e.g., sponsorships), athletes continue to push their...
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The Structure of Consumable Sports Television

There is a wave across all major professional sports in America and abroad.  The movement is to make sports more digestible.  Meaning, making it...
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Successful Sports Franchises

Over the course of a sports franchise’s life, fans, players, journalists, and executives can recall when there were peaks of success and valleys of...