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The Structure of Consumable Sports Television

There is a wave across all major professional sports in America and abroad.  The movement is to make sports more digestible.  Meaning,...
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Successful Sports Franchises

Over the course of a sports franchise’s life, fans, players, journalists, and executives can recall when there were peaks of success and...
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Sports Betting Television

The next big thing in sports will be sports betting via live television and device-based applications.  The statistics show that user engagement...
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Legal vs. policy principles in broadcast television and radio ownership

Businesses are finding it harder to do business when the government, specifically the legislative and judicial branches of the government, either pass...
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Baseball finally gets it right

In the book, “Bottom of the Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme to Save Baseball from Itself” by Michael...
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Streamers bridging gap between cost and innovation?

With cable down and streaming on the rise, will the 5% cable tax move to internet subscription companies like Netflix, Amazon, and...
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Will the Entertainment and Sports Consumer come Home to Roost?

The old saying “When the chickens come home to roost” generally refers to some action of another that leads to a reaction...
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Driving Innovation into Entertainment

In business and life, necessity sometimes drive innovation.  Efficiency and cost-savings sometimes drive innovation.  Lastly, inventive accidents and revenue-driving sometimes drive innovation.
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Broadcasting of the Future

Podcasting is the broadcasting platform of the future.  “Broacasting” is broadcasting for the people.  In that sense, we are living in the...
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Saving Sports and Entertainment with Science, Technology, & Data

This author went to law school not medical school.  However, leadership and management skills are not exclusive to education or profession.  They...