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Three Areas of Interest & Investment

As the world begins its recovery from The Great Reset, there seems to be several areas of interest and investment.  Ideas and businesses that...
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Food is King

Food is an ever-growing source of content on television and streamers.  Between Gordon Ramsay, Pasquale Sciarappa, Guy Fieri, the late-Anthony Bourdain, Emeril Lagasse, Martha...
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Finding New Ways to Consume Content

There are approximately 330 million people in America (2021).  Of those 330 million, there are 77.6 million people who still pay for cable television. ...
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What are the Limits to Content Consumption?

As production in Hollywood begins to ramp up with America and California seeing the backside of a down year in 2020, studios have to...
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Monetizable Moments in Entertainment, Media, and Sports

Two three letter acronyms, NIL and NFT, seem to be all the fun these days when it comes to the potential for athlete monetization...
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Clubhouse vs. Spotify: What is Live Audio?

Clubhouse as an application and community has been pursued as a popular activity and place of discussion possibly as much as non-fungible tokens (NFT)...
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What are NFTs?

An “NFT” is a non-fungible token (NFT) that is backed by blockchain technology to confirm its source and authenticity.  An NFT is a digital...
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Endeavor Showcases the New Entertainment Powerhouse Model

Prior to the Paramount decrees, studios dominated the Hollywood industry in talent management through contracts, production, distribution, and exhibition endeavors.  Today, the newer model...
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Overtime meet Overwatch

Overwatch is an online video game that is often played in esports teams, leagues, and tournaments.  It is a very popular gaming experience developed...
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When will Streamers and Social Media go all-in on Live Sports?

The 2021 negotiation of the National Football League’s (NFL) sports rights has all but ended.  FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN (the networks) are all...