Five Bold Predictions for this NFL Season

    1. Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets finish in last place in the AFC East.

    Aaron Rodgers left the Green Bay Packers after 18 seasons for the New York Jets

    Photo Cred: AP

    The biggest off-season story by far was Aaron Rodgers’ retirement saga. It became evident when the New York Jets hired Nathaniel Hackett as their new offensive coordinator. While Rodgers is one heck of an upgrade from Zach Wilson, last season Rodgers proved his better days are way behind him. Rodgers will turn 40 this season, and the Jets offensive line is underwhelming. The AFC East this season is poised to be possibly the best division in the NFL with the upstart Miami Dolphins, the juggernaut in the Buffalo Bills, and Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots very well could be some hard times in New York for Rodgers and company.

    1. The Washington Commanders make the postseason. 

    Commanders not 'all-in' on Sam Howell as starting quarterback?

    Photo Cred: Yard Barker

    It could be Ron Rivera’s final season as an NFL Head Coach. He’s putting his faith in a former top draft prospect in Sam Howell. Once regarded as a 1st round pick, he became a 5th round draft pick. Sam Howell played in 1 game last season and did enough to win the job. Washington brought in Eric Bieniemy to help run the offense should spice things up. Washington’s defense under performed in 2022. That should change with Chase Young’s rookie contract coming up. Hopefully, it lights a spark, and Washington’s D Line becomes the monster it’s supposed to be.

    In a weird NFC East with teams like the Eagles who are currently riding the coat tail of a QB, many thought before last season was in question if he was the guy in Jalen Hurts. Now he’s one of the highest-paid QBs. The NFC East is always the wildest division. I think Washington shocks a lot of people and gets into the postseason.

    1. Baker Mayfield leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the postseason and a playoff win.

    Photo Cred: USA Today

    It wasn’t that long ago when Baker Mayfield was the absolute man in Cleveland, putting his team in a position to play in the AFC Championship game to being run out of the city. Baker now finds himself at the helm of another franchise. This time he has to fill the shoes of a seven time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. If one thing is for sure, exceptions are pretty low. The Buccaneers aren’t expected to be a great team this season. One of Mayfields best qualities has always been the chip on his shoulder.

    A player that is never afraid to speak his mind and competes at the highest level. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still a team with talent on offense and defense. They play in the absolute weakest division in football. This could be a possible rebirth of Baker Mayfield’s career if he could lead the Buccaneers to a division title and a playoff victory this postseason.

    1. The Denver Broncos make it to the AFC Championship. 

    Russell Wilson...

    Photo Cred: Denver Sports

    Last offseason, when the Broncos signed Russell Wilson, the Broncos went from the worst team on paper to everyone’s second pick in the AFC after the Bills to make it to the Super Bowl. The Broncos were one of the biggest disappointments of the season. The offense was in complete disarray until they fired Nathaniel Hackett. The Broncos made former Baltimore Ravens Special Teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg interim head coach. The Broncos offense went from being a complete joke to going toe to toe with the Kansas City Chiefs and beating the LA Chargers. With the hiring of Sean Payton, the Broncos offensive production should excel, and with a stout defense, the Broncos in 2023 are the second-best team in the AFC. 

    1. The Kansas City Chiefs become the first team since the 2004-2005 New England Patriots to win back-to-back championships. 

    GLENDALE, ARIZONA - FEBRUARY 12: Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)Photo Cred: People

    Every time I’m ready to count out the Chiefs, they always surprise me. The Chiefs endured losses this off-season, but it doesn’t feel it will affect them much. They have the best player in football, they have the best coach in football, and this season they are the best team. No team has won back-to-back super bowls since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick did that with the Patriots in Super Bowl 39. This year I believe Reid and Mahomes will get it done.

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