Bengals Season Predictions

    It’s an exciting time of year for Bengals fans, with only one month until the preseason football kicks off. Cincinnati will face the Packers, Falcons, and the Commanders. It will be awesome for Bengals fans to see the newly drafted rookies into action and the big-time offseason addition of the franchise’s new Left Tackle, Orlando Brown Jr. There is a lot of excitement that has taken the city by storm. Fans eagerly await the regular season, which opens up with a road game against Ohio rivals Cleveland Browns on September 10th. Other exciting games include Week 17 in Kansas City and Week 9 against the Bills for SNF. Here are my predictions for the Bengals’ regular season record.

    PFF simulation projects Bengals will have the most wins this season - Cincy Jungle

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    My Predictions

    Week 1: @ Browns: Bengals win, by 7+

    Week 2: vs. Ravens: Bengals win in a very tight game, decided by 3 points. 

    Week 3: vs. Los Angeles Rams: Bengals win by 10+ 

    Week 4: @ Tennessee Titans: Bengals win by 14+

    Week 5: @ Arizona Cardinals: Bengals win by 3 here, closer game then most would think.

    Week 6: vs. Seattle Seahawks: Bengals win this one easily by 7+

    Week 7: Bye Week.

    Week 8: @ 49ers: 49ers win this by 3, handing Cincinnati its first loss of the year.

    Week 9: vs. Buffalo Bills: Bengals win this by 7 or more. 

    Week 10: vs. Houston Texans: Bengals win by 10+

    Week 11: @ Ravens: Ravens win this by 3.

    Week 12: vs. Steelers: Bengals win this by 7.

    Week 13: @ Jaguars: Jaguars win this by 7.

    Week 14: vs. Indianapolis Colts: Bengals win by 20+

    Week 15: vs. Vikings: Bengals win this by 7+

    Week 16: @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Bengals win by 3.

    Week 17: @ Kansas City Chiefs: Bengals win this one in OT on a FG. 

    Week 18: vs. Browns: Browns win by 10+, due to resting of Bengals players.

    Bengals receivers finish with shockingly low numbers in PFF simulation

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    I like this year’s schedule, so I am going to say that the Bengals will get a 14-3 record. This will give them the #1 seed in the AFC. I also think this is the year Joe Burrow takes home the MVP award! Not only that, I also predict that the Bengals take home some hardware as they defeat the 49ers in Super Bowl 57 in Las Vegas, NV!

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