Who Should be the Favorite to Win the World Series?

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With about a month left until the all-star break, we have a good feel about the real-world-series contenders in the MLB. Baseball is a sport where anyone can win on a given night. Unlike a sport such as the NBA, where the better team usually wins in a best-of-seven series, baseball has shorter series and more equal odds. As of June 23, the Atlanta Braves have the best odds to win the world series are +450, followed by the Rays at +500, then the Dodgers at +850. If I were a betting man, I would put money on the Braves to win it all this season. The Braves have experience in playoff situations, a mix of older and younger players, and all-star caliber players across their roster.

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Coming into the season, the Braves had a question mark at shortstop. They didn’t seem inclined to bring back Dansby Swanson, as it would have cost them a lot of extra money, and they felt they could seek equal production elsewhere. Atlanta shortstops have combined for a .310/.365/.422 batting. That is exceptionally good and one of the best in the league. Atlanta shortstops are fourth in overall offense measured by wRC+.

It’s no secret that the Braves have a talented roster from the top down. They also have an experienced coaching staff that has shown consistency throughout the regular season and has made the playoffs numerous times. To win the world series, you need great pitching, which the Braves have. Max Fried and Charlie Morton have been performing very well this season, and I look for that to continue after the all-star break leading into the postseason.

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However, I believe the key to Atlanta’s success will be the offensive production they get from Ozzie Albies, Austin Riley, and Ronald Acuna Jr. These three are the key to Atlanta’s success. They have had stellar seasons; they are the slight favorites to win the World Series. The biggest competition the Braves will face will be the Dodgers. Even though the Diamondbacks, Marlins, and Giants have had great seasons, the Dodgers still feel like the top threat to the Braves.

Atlanta Braves lineups: Braves stick with same lineup against Tigers - Battery Power

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The Braves are 1-2 against the Dodgers this year and have three more games against them later. The Dodgers play the Braves better than any of the other top teams in the National League, and that will most likely continue until the playoffs. The Braves do have a seven-game lead on the Dodgers and look to lock up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, which will be a factor that goes into reaching another world series for this Braves team. However, the postseason is highly unpredictable, and anything can happen in a short series. The Braves will face tough competition from other teams throughout the entire playoffs, and they will need to play their best to win the World Series.

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