Game Preview: Havoc at Quad City 


The regular season for the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) is coming to an end. Every playoff slot has been locked in, and teams are now just competing for the top seeds. Tonight, the Huntsville Havoc will face off against the Quad City Storm in Moline, Illinois. The Havoc are ranked third in the SPHL and are going to the playoffs, while the Storm are ranked ninth. This might indicate some low morale for Quad City at tonight’s game, as only the top eight teams are going to the playoffs. Alternatively, their lack of playoffs might drive them to end their regular season with an unlikely win. 

Photo Cred: The Quad City Times

The Head-To-Head Matchup

Tonight’s matchup is also interesting for a different reason. The SPHL regular season stretches from October to April, with each team playing 57 games in total. Despite there being only 11 teams in the league, Huntsville and Quad City have yet to play each other even once. In fact, the Havoc have only faced the Storm twice last season as well. These are two teams that rarely meet up, making any game between the two a treat! Looking at the past five seasons, it becomes clear that Huntsville has the advantage, winning 10 of their 13 matchups. 

Photo Cred: A View From My Seat

Can Quad City Take Huntsville by Storm?

Quad City is also currently on a six-game losing streak, putting them at a severe disadvantage in terms of team morale. This might be mitigated somewhat by their home rink, but by how much remains to be seen. The Storm also lack a top-20 player on their roster, while the Havoc have four. Quad City’s goalie, Kevin Resop, is the fourth-ranked goalie, meaning that a good defense against Huntsville might be their best bet. Overall, while a Huntsville Havoc victory appears likely, the chance for an upset is possible. Tonight’s game is definitely one to keep an eye on! 

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