Game Preview: Havoc vs. Mayhem in Macon 

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The Huntsville Havoc continue their away-game streak this week, heading to Macon, Georgia to face off against the Macon Mayhem. This will be the third time that the two teams have faced off this season, with their last game being a month ago. In that time, the Mayhem’s position in the league has deteriorated, falling to second-to-last place in the SHPL standings. Meanwhile, the Havoc have continued to hold their third place standing and have recently improved themselves with the return of star goalie Max Milosek.


Photo Cred: Field Pass Hockey                                 Photo Cred: Huntsville Havoc 

Huntsville holds several other advantages over Macon going into tonight’s game. The Huntsville lineup includes four separate top-20 offensive players, including a top-five player in Rob Darrar. Macon currently lacks players in the top-20 rankings, putting them at a distinct disadvantage in terms of team strength. A similar situation is reflected in their respective goalies. Havoc goalie Max Milosek is the strongest goalie in the league, with a phenomenal GAA of 1.63. Macon goalie Michael Bullion is respectable, holding up at ninth place in the top 20, but he lacks in defense when compared to Milosek. This defensive deficiency is emphasized even more by Huntsville’s Dereck Perl and Dominick Procopio, the second and third-best defensive players in the SPHL.


Photo Cred: Huntsville Havoc (Darrar)                        Photo Cred: Elite Prospects (Bullion) 

Things look worse for the Mayhem once the recent games between the two teams are considered. Macon has lost both games they’ve played against Huntsville this season and last season. It isn’t all bad news for the Mayhem, though. Looking at a broader perspective, the two teams have been evenly matched, with Huntsville only recently edging out Macon. Macon also put Huntsville through the wringer in their last bout, as Huntsville narrowly attained victory on their home court. Overall, it looks like the Havocs have the advantage, but it is entirely possible that the Mayhem may pull an upset and come out on top.


Photo Cred:                           Photo Cred: Field Pass Hockey

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