Fayetteville Marksmen vs. Huntsville Havoc Game Preview


The Fayetteville Marksmen will challenge the Huntsville Havoc in the Roto-Rooster Ice at Propst Arena on February 19th. This will be the third clash between the two teams this season, with the Huntsville Havocs coming out on top in their previous two engagements. These two teams rarely meet, only having played against each other twice last season. And only ten times in the past five seasons. The Havoc has held the edge over the Marksmen during the period, with the Havoc winning seven out of ten games.

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Photo Cred: FayettevilleMarksmen.com

Rankings-wise, the Huntsville Havoc are ahead, ranked fourth in the Southern Professional Hockey League, while the Fayetteville Marksmen are currently ranked eighth. Both teams have several Top 20 players, with Huntsville having players ranked fifth, eighth, and ninth, while Fayetteville’s top two players are ranked seventh and seventeenth. The Havoc might be at a disadvantage at goalie.

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Their star goalie Nick Latinovich is currently loaned to the Eastern Coast Hockey League Orlando Sunbears, leaving the Havoc with a returning goalie from last season, Max Milosek, to pick up where his predecessor left off. Last season Max proved himself to be a formidable goalie with an excellent .929 save average, but it remains to be seen if he will smoothly reintegrate with the team after being gone for over half a season.

Latinovich earns 22 save shutout | Huntsville Havoc

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Both teams are currently on a losing streak. Both teams are desperate to score a win and break the downward trend. The Havoc gain the advantage that this is a home game, in which they excel. The Marksmen find themselves struggling outside of their home arena. The Havoc appears to have the advantage for this Sunday’s game. It could easily go the Marksmen’s way, especially given the Havoc’s current goalie switch-up.


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