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He’s back! The 49ers were scrutinized for bringing back Jimmy Garoppolo as a backup quarterback instead of parting ways and leaving the quarterbacks room to starter Trey Lance. Garoppolo would serve as San Francisco’s hedge against a catastrophe befalling Lance, who entered this season with 389 pass attempts in his pro and collegiate careers. If Lance faltered, the 49ers figured they had an experienced backup to call on.
Now, 49ers general manager Lynch’s decision looks like a smart move. Lance’s season is over after suffering a broken ankle during San Francisco’s 27-7 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

49ers QB Trey Lance carted off with ankle injury; Jimmy Garoppolo replaces him - NBC Sports Bay Area

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That gives the 49ers offense back to Garoppolo, who won 31 regular-season games and four playoff contests over the previous five seasons. It may not be how Jimmy Garoppolo wanted to return, but the QB will once again become the 49ers starter. After two NFC Championship appearances and less than 8 minutes from a Super Bowl title, Jimmy G has become one of the most polarizing figures in the league. Numbers don’t lie. The 49ers win 70% of their games when he starts and under 30% when he doesn’t. In a league that is supposed to be about wins and losses, the style of Jimmy may not be pleasant to some. But the results are what teams crave.

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When Jimmy Garoppolo restructured his deal with the San Francisco 49ers, it included bonuses that could increase from a base salary of $6.5 million to a total of $16 million. For each game that Jimmy Garoppolo plays at least 25% of the snaps, he earns $250K. If the 49ers win that game, the number jumps to $350K. As the starter going forward, he has the chance to make $5.6M via incentives in the regular season.

His reworked deal also includes a no-trade clause. It’s a moot point with Trey Lance out for the season. Garoppolo will now be the team’s starter the rest of the way. Garoppolo wasn’t present for practices or meetings during training camp and didn’t throw for much of the offseason after surgery on his right shoulder.

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“It was more just about getting the shoulder ready,” he said. “Mentally, I knew the scheme. Some of the new plays took a little while to learn, there’s always some new wrinkles in the offense, but for the most part, it was just, ‘Once my shoulder was good, I was ready to roll.”

Jimmy G finished 13-for-21 for 154 yards and a touchdown after replacing Lance in the 27-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks and adding a rushing score. “It felt good to be back out there,” Garoppolo said. “I felt terrible for Trey. I’ve been on that side in this league. It’s tough. Every person has their share of injuries. But that sucks for him, I feel bad for him, but he’s our brother, and we’ll pick him up.”

Trey Lance 'dicing up' 49ers, but Jimmy Garoppolo unquestioned leader - NBC Sports Bay Area

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The 49ers are supposed to be a Super Bowl threat this season. If they get above-average quarterbacking along with their talent, the 49ers will be tough to beat. In Garoppolo, the 49ers know what they have. They have a winner with playoff experience. They also know they won’t have Lance until the 2023 season. So, they ride with the veteran they didn’t want but the veteran they now need.

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