Best Fit for ACC schools during Conference Realignment


The college sports foundation was shaken to its core last when UCLA and Southern California announced plans to leave the Pac-12 Conference for the Big Ten in 2024. TV deals and the market now run college football now. Texas and Oklahoma started the unraveling by joining the Southeastern Conference. The NCAA has little power as ESPN and Fox Sports battle for the right to have the best college football products. That leaves plenty of questions surrounding the Big 12, Pac-12, and ACC.

On the surface, the conference would seem safe with 14 members and its affiliation with Notre Dame. That partnership is in jeopardy. The Big Ten has been courting Notre Dame for years. If the Big Ten can finally get Norte Dame to become a member, it could be the death knell to the ACC. The SEC would seek the top brands as the conference losses power. The ACC is already in a bad TV 14-year TV deal. The SEC and Big Ten TV deals could reach one billion. If the ACC were to dissolve, where would the top programs go? 



 Where they would go: SEC

 What they have to offer: A championship-caliber football program.

Analysis: There have been no teams more impressive than the Clemson Tigers over the past decade in the conference. They have made the College Football Playoff six times since 2015 and won two national championships in that time. That makes them among the most appealing options on the board. They may not offer much outside of football, but if any ACC teams are going to find a new home, Clemson must be at the top of the list. Football is king and their football program is good enough alone.


North Carolina


 Where they would go: Big Ten

 What they have to offer: An elite basketball brand. A solid football program. National Fan base and high academics. 

Analysis: Again, when it comes to conference realignment, sometimes you must think about more than the football programs. The academics line up with the Big Ten perfectly. If the Big Ten had a chance to add both Duke and North Carolina, you don’t think they would take it? Bringing in the best basketball rivalry would add to already solid basketball conference. That would easily make it the best basketball conference in the nation, and you would also get what is a growing football program with the Tar Heels. UNC vs Indiana would be a delight!




 Where they would go: SEC

What they have to offer: An historic football program. Large TV Market

Analysis:  In the landscape of NIL Miami could reign supreme again. The Hurricanes are a national brand and have a built in SEC rivalry with Florida. The program took major blows after early scandals but those are behind them. They have a long and rich football history and are bouncing back on the gridiron thanks to Mario Cristobal and his elite recruiting. They have already started to enhance the program in last few years. Celebrities would be out in full force for a Miami vs a power SEC team. It’s about the TV product and Miami could bring back the entertainment element.


Florida State University


Where they would go: SEC

What they have to offer: A good football program. Solid basketball program.

Analysis: If we are looking at teams from the ACC that might be prime targets for the SEC, Florida State must be near the top of the list. They are national program with recent success at the top of college football. If football bounces back along with a top 25 basketball, that would be a great get. They are in a hot bed for football recruiting.


University of Louisville


Where they would go: SEC

What they have to offer: A great basketball program. A solid football program.

Analysis: Louisville is a borderline blueblood on the hardwood, and they have shown that they can garner a fan base on the gridiron when they are good. Remember the Lamar Jackson-era Cardinals? Before that it was Teddy Bridgewater. The school is growing fast, and the basketball team brings in the highest revenue in the sport. The team has shown it can rise and be in the national spotlight. They would also have the second-best basketball rivalry in UK vs UofL within the conference





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