New England Patriots Run Wild on the Buffalo Bills


Monday night’s game between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills was one of the biggest this season because of what was at stake between both teams. The Patriots winning- streak continues to 7 and improves to (9-4), and they look like a team that may go to the Super Bowl and represents the AFC. The Patriots entered last night’s game with a 6-game win streak. They’ve been one of the hottest teams in the NFL, and they’re looking for the best team in the AFC division. On the other hand, the Bills have been an up-and-down team all season. Monday night was their test on how they matched up against their AFC East rival, the New England Patriots. It ended with a 14-10 New England victory.

The Bills won the AFC East last season while also reaching the AFC Championship. It looked like the torch had been passed to the Buffalo Bills to be the new kings of the AFC East. So, this game had more at stake for both ball clubs. The Patriots won the game with Mac Jones; only throwing the ball for 19 yards on three passing attempts.
With the weather having strong winds coming into the game, New England’s game plan was determined to establish the run, and that’s what they did. The Patriots rushed the ball for 222 yards, and they sent a message to the Bills that no matter what. You can’t stop our power run game. Buffalo couldn’t stop the run game; they also couldn’t force a Bill Belichick-led team to throw the ball.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
Photo Cred: Timothy Ludwig

The greatness of Belichick was on display again because the Patriots showed that they’re still the cream of the crop in the AFC. Moving forward, how will this game impact the Bills? Buffalo has yet to beat a top-tier team this season. The Bills lost to the Steelers, Titans, Colts, Patriots, and they had a horrible loss against the Jaguars.
The Bills Mafia has dropped the ball this season. Coming into the season, they were one of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl. Buffalo is fighting for a wild card spot in a deep AFC conference.

At this point, the Bills are a Josh Allen-centric team; they rely on him too much. Buffalo needs to establish a run game and physical identity, so it takes some pressure off Allen.
The Bills have a tough road ahead. They will be heading to Tampa this Sunday on a short week, and they still have to face the Patriots in Foxborough. Will this season end up being a nightmare for the Bills, or will they get back on the right track?

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills
Photo Cred: USA Today Sports/ Rich Barnes

The Patriots have a great chance to win their remaining four games of the season and finish as the top seed and the hottest team coming into the playoffs.
The Colts, Bills, Jaguars, and Dolphins are the games left on the schedule.
Most teams that win the Super Bowl get hot at the right time. Championship teams usually take shape in December and January. That’s what the New England Patriots have been doing for seven weeks and will see it continue after their bye week.

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